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October 27, 2017

Tech News:The New Version of Android Studio is Out. Also, Microsoft .Net Framework Hits Version 4.7.1

The developers of Android platform are in a mood to rejoice with the recent launch of the Android Studio 3.0 bringing in the Kotlin support. The prime feature of Android Studio 3.0 is the support for Kotlin, a new programming language. This language will exist alongside the existing Java, one of the most popular programming languages. This new version would facilitate developers to automatically convert their Java code to Kotlin.

Not just the new programming language, Android Studio 3.0 has incorporated latest tools for creating adaptive icons, managing the fonts in an advanced manner, writing for Android Things, creating Instant App, and many more features. The device emulators of Android Studio 3.0 are updated to include the Google Play Store, a new bug reporter, and for the emulators, a canary version of the quick boot up sequence.

As pointed out earlier, Android Studio 3.0 is a boon for developers but those of us who have been the faithful users of Android and do not necessarily write apps can expect new and improved tools through which their apps will be developed in the future.

Microsoft Launches the .Net Framework 4.7.1


This latest upgrade to the .Net framework improves garbage collection, security, and application configuration.

Memory allocation performance is enhanced by introducing an architectural change to the garbage collector. It splits the heap allocation into small and large object heaps. There are certain applications that make a large object heap allocation. These applications will experience a minimization in allocation lock contention and thus enabling better performance.

There are certain other features included in this upgrade that include:

1. Support for the .Net Standard 2.0 specification, which includes a number of APIs shared by multiple .Net implementations.
2. In WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and Windows Forms there has been accessibility improvements, including High Contrast enhancements, enhanced UI patterns, and improved experiences in the tools like Narrator.
3. Support for Visual diagnostics in WPF. This enables the use of tools for analyzing XAML visual trees.
4. To determine whether the runtime supports a particular feature, a runtime feature detection API is included.
5. Introduction of the serializable SystemValueTuple types. This would make migration from System.Tuple to the new tuple syntax in C# 7.0 and Visual Basic 15.5 a lot easier.
6. Another API from the ASP.Net arsenal which provides a standard way to build an HttpCookieobject from a string and capture cookie properties such as expiration date and path
7. For the libraries concerning application execution flow, an execution step feature in ASP.Net called ExecutionStepInvoker allows developers to run execution steps inside their code, rather than in ASP.Net’s pre-defined pipeline.

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