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November 23, 2015

New Era of Cross Platform Mobile App Development

Are you an entrepreneur and looking for a business app that your clients can run smoothly irrespective of the devices they use i.e. whether they use Android, iOS, Blackberry or Windows mobile devices? If yes, you are obviously on the right track as cross platform mobile app development is nowadays a rage and has a promising future. The revolutionary development of cross-platform app development has undoubtedly changed the way developers across the world used to build mobile applications. There are now several companies that offer such app development services and you need to select the best one for your business.

However, before selecting a company or hiring a developer, it is vital to understand the benefits offered by the cross-platform mobile app development so that you can be convinced that your investment is not going to be wasted at all. So, the benefits are as follows:

    • 1. Bigger reach:

Android devices have undoubtedly a dominating presence with more than 82 percent market share and iPhones have also their own admirers. There are still millions of users of Blackberry and Windows phone too. In such a scenario, having cross-platform mobile app development means you have a better prospect of reaching out to maximum people in a cost effective manner.

    • 2. Improved marketing dynamics:

It is always easy to market a cross-platform mobile app then only a platform specific app as the former has a wider reach. After all, a marketing strategy working wonderfully for an Android app may not fit well for marketing an iOS app. Moreover, there is no requirement to create messages separately for each mobile user. Marketing dynamics is thus, highly improved.

    • 3. Cost-effective:

This is perhaps the biggest benefit of cross-platform mobile app development as you don’t have to hire separate developers to develop apps for different platforms as a single cross-platform developer can do the same and this saves a lot of your money seriously!

So, now if you are wondering where to get the best cross-platform developers who can ensure you timely delivery of the app and that too with full post development support, there is nothing to worry. As a premier mobile app development company, Rigel Networks is the best one in the industry when it comes to offering engaging, easily navigable and eye-catching cross-platform apps to a wide client base.

The reputed company has already a wide clientele in US, UK and Australia. What you can expect at Rigel Networks is a competent team of cross-platform developers with years of experience who not only build apps but test them and deploy them too.

Embrace the new era of cross platform mobile app development with developers who have knowledge of the latest cross-platform mobile development tools like Xamarin, Sencha, PhoneGap, Titanium, Appcelerator, SproutCore and many more. For more details or to hire cross-platform mobile app development services of Rigel Networks, drop a mail at

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