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January 16, 2017

How Mobile technology is shaping the future face of Enterprises at large?

Desktop had undoubtedly ruled the world during 90’s and some few good years of early phase of 21st century. However, revolution of digital devices have transformed the ways we do business, follow our routines and communicate with people. The rate at which surprising technological innovations fill our path is incredibly fast, leaving us with a lot to enjoy. Mobile technology is a prime contributor in this. The combination of mobile hardware environment and innovative apps bring creative results for demanding industry verticals, making assorted aspects of business operations interconnected, seamless and much more convenient.

Enterprises worldwide are not only taking sober interest in dazzling success of mobile apps, but the wise ones have already adopted mobility practices for their business benefits. It is true that we have come a long way in experiencing the maturing standards of digital technology. But looking at how rapidly things are changing, we must admit Enterprise mobility solutions will remain relentlessly unstoppable. Here is how mobile technology is shaping the future face of Enterprises as we know.

  • Abundant Benefits for mobile-first enterprises
  • Greater flexibility and improved workflow management
  • Improved productivity and employee efficiency
  • Enhanced decision making
  • Seamless reporting and quick corporate liaison
  • Accurate data management
  • Adoption of mobile technology across various industries
  • Reduced cost of administrative management

With growing success of mobile app integration into Retail, Healthcare and Financial verticals, it is clear that adoption of mobile apps can boost business growth meteorically.

Industry-wide mobility adoption statistics

According to a report published by PwC in 2014, the acceptance of mobile apps among medical practitioners as patient data sources has increased. To be more specific, 86% of clinicians believe that mobile apps will be contributing to patient health management in next 5 years.

A FICO global study says that 80% of patients tend to leverage their smartphones to interact with their healthcare providers.

A 2014 Adobe Research seems to encourage mobility by stating that almost half of top 25 financial institutions in the US now offer mobile apps with advanced features in the areas of money transfer and depositing services.

More than one third of banking customers of big names depend on mobile banking on a regular basis.

BYOD fuelling and innovating the mobility concept

According to Gartner’s prediction, more than fifty percent of companies will adopt BYOD by 2017, which suggests the companies will replace their static computing devices with mobile ones. Though companies are trying to embrace BYOD at an experimental stage, several companies reported higher productivity and greater employee satisfaction upon implementing BYOD. In 2013, BYOD underwent a revolution with new developments called CYOD (Choose your own device) and COPE (Company owned personally enabled devices). This evolution in enterprise grade BYOD concepts hint at the progressive adoption of enterprise mobility.

Integration of CRM with Mobile app

Considered as a contemporary marketing solution, integration of CRM could drive great benefits for businesses in terms of valuable customer’s data and their behaviour pattern. The information thus extracted helps businesses design their next personalized marketing strategy. Retail apps and certain gaming apps have already started asking their customers for more personal details such as their birth date to make their experience ever richer. The tricky ways to make customers participate in supplying more personal data is a strategy behind the integration.

Security risks and costs still diluting the enterprise joy

With the instances of security attacks and data breaches plaguing the IT industry every now and then, information security becomes the foremost priority. The pressing demand for enhanced security has fostered the idea of building application self-protection features inside dedicated business apps.

After security comes the cost. Involvement of personal devices makes companies bear expenses since more devices will need to be managed and secured. Unless companies work on adopting standard practices for reimbursement, BYOD approach will remain far-fetching vision.

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