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How Mobile Applications are delivering success for Logistics Industry?

“The line between disorder and order lies in logistics” a Chinese general, military strategist, and philosopher Sun Tzu, famously and correctly said.

Logistics sector has been growing like never before. In almost every industry, its management holds an important role from planning, implementing and ensuring an effective flow of goods and services. Without its competent support, any approach or strategy, no matter how brilliant, will not succeed.

Today, the globaleconomy is at its peak and as a result of the cut-throat competition; it becomes essential for the logistics service providers to pull up their socks for even bigger challenges. This is why many players have already started doing and it is high time they did. In addition to restructuring their operational capabilities, they have turned their attention to innovationand technology.

A survey by GigaOM shows that 38% of logistics companies are considering it, 31% are in the process of making while 17% are already working towards managed mobile services for supply chain.

Every day, the world of logistics observes an enormous crusade of people and packages from one location to another. This is why; mobile applications fall upon as an obvious choice that carries the potential of serving accurate data and real time information in no time.

Let’s take a look on the benefits of mobile adoption in the logistics industry and some of its amazing success stories:

Optimizing Operations-

Undoubtedly, the major profit of a business comes from the facets like supply chain, logistics and other operating techniques. Digitalizing such process plays a key role with effective implementation of mobile applications which in return helps to optimize such operations.

Enhanced Output-

Mobile technologies have also emerged as a useful platform for logistics management in terms of efficiency and information gathering. Further, mobile applications could also be used to augment logistics management in some of the areas such as

Storage and Distribution-

To make the processes of warehouses and distribution centers more advanced, the essential procedures like barcode scanning ought to be fulfilled by mobile applications.

Supply Chain-

With the use of mobile applications, one would find it easy to organize business intelligence, transport controls, monitoring the tracking of goods and materials and likewise.


As the requirements of materials and shipments could be accomplished anywhere from the globe, the user could find his supply chain optimized as soon as the information gets availed.

Round The Clock Technology-

When it comes to logistics industry, mobile applications are designed to cover all the required areas of transport and logistics, financial and fleet management, billing and storage departments.

One of the latest mobile technologies that created a buzz in logistics industry is Augmented Reality. Basically, it is a type of virtual reality created when augmented by computer generated sensory. Augmented reality items can be identified by Handheld Devices, Head-mounted Displays, Smart glasses or lenses. Many organizations have started adopting this cutting-edge technology to boost their productivity.

With such resources at hand, specifically mobile technologies, you will be left with no reason to be impacted by the costly impact of downtime.

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