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Mobile App Development- What’s trending in 2018?

For many years’ mobiles apps have been the center of innovation, and in various industries, it has made a notable contribution. The year 2017 was noted to be a platonic year for Mobile Application Development Company. Also, in the domain of technology, mobile apps have been a year of significant transformations. With the upcoming of modern technologies and ever-growing market, it is sturdy to stay competitive and relevant.

Mobile devices prove to be the most efficient apparatus to be targeted by businesses, amid the versatility and market penetration. Despite the fact that all these statements are true, it should be noted that moving to the mobile isn’t something new for a company especially in 2018.

In order to expand their approach in various fields such as accessing online sites, marketing, branding, and enhancing customer engagement; businesses are spending more in leveraging development in a mobile application. According to the sources, new technologies emerged in 2018 will define a completely different app economy.

Here are the few mobile app development trends that are expected to rule the market in 2018.

Cloud-based application

These days, more of cloud-driven mobile applications are being designed by mobile app developers, amid the rise in mobile phone users. The developers are looking out for ways to develop handy, easy and robust apps to use on mobile phones. With the rising demand for cloud technology, it has now become faster and easier to acquire data without impacting on your internal phone memory.

By 2019, cloud apps are likely to grow 90% of total mobile data traffic worldwide, according to the Cisco VNI Global Mobile Forecast (2015-2020). In near future, various mobile applications are going to be cloud driven along with the existing top cloud-based apps like Google Drive, Dropbox and many more.

Internet of Things and Wearable Technology

Internet of Things is another trending topic that will revolutionize the mobile app development. This technology has been trending and is being used extensively in various forms and segments. In 2018, this application slowly became a mainstream, from smart homes to offices and education to healthcare. As per the study, IoT will certainly have an immense impact on the world of app development in the current year.

In the preceding year, both wearable apps and IoT had obtained recognition within various industries and gradually emerged into the mainstream. In 2016 growth of the IoT sector was USD 157.05 billion and is expected to grow to USD 661.74 billion by 2021. It is also estimated to take place at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 33.3%, as per the recent study. As a result, this will have a direct impact on mobile app trends, as most of the IoT devices are currently being controlled by smartphones.

Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development Market

Artificial Intelligence has become one of the hottest topics both in science and business, as various tech industries are attracted towards this technology. It has also achieved an immense popularity in the market in the recent time. According to the new report published by IDC, by 2020 the AI market will experience a huge revenue growth of USD 47 billion. Currently, the perfect example of an AI app is Google’s USD 400 million acquisition of DeepMind.

Consequently, the current year will witness the huge demand for AI in the mobile app development market as various companies are showing interest in this technology to develop their own apps.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Both Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) have taken the entertainment and gaming industry by storm. As the entire world has been redefined by Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality is like a cherry on the cake. With a huge demand for VR and AR apps witnessed last year, this year it is expected to keep growing.

By 2020, the augmented reality market is expected to make USD 150 billion in revenue, as per the Digi-Capital report, presenting a potential market for professional app developers and enterprises to explore.

Machine Learning

In the development of mobile apps, the industry will witness a rise in the use of artificial intelligence, as machine learning is gradually gaining momentum. This technology will also enable apps to recognize the complex patterns and gain insights by analyzing large data.

Above are the few top notch trends that are expected to influence the market this year. Moreover, implementation of recent trends and new innovation is likely observed in 2018. As mobile app development is in its prime, it’s essential for developers to keep their eye on the latest trends.

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