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June 20, 2017

Microsoft Office 365 Security: Relieving the Concerns Over the Cloud

Cloud Computing has made life simpler for the users and difficult for infosec. For anytime, anywhere access, it is best to put the popular applications in the cloud. But with simplicity comes the threat of security. Keeping your apps and sensitive data on the cloud may be risky.

Risks Over the Cloud

Incorporating security in Office 365 is a multistep process. Depending upon your industry and organization, these steps may slightly vary or you may give more emphasis to one over the other. If higher percentage of your workers log on from public spaces, the security risk will be higher as well. Balancing the use of cloud while keeping company systems and data safe is a viable option. But this option is easier said than done and is not pragmatic most of the times. With Office 365 security, you can employ all the latest Microsoft security features and at best use them to your advantage.

Cloud offloads many of the administrative issues like email, office applications, etc. out of the information systems over the company’s network, providing profits in terms of time, effort and money. However, enterprises must be careful that security does not take the backseat while focusing on these user-centric advantages. Office 365 security concerns includes integrating authentication and access controls between your current environment and the cloud; knowledge of the sensitive information stored offsite as a part of the cloud application; knowledge about how cloud can complement, facilitate, and negate existing on premise security regulations.

A great lapse on the part of some people is to believe that the cloud is completely free from risk. The truth is online and application security cannot be perfect. With the cloud comes security concerns, no matter how many promises the vendors make. This is because practically, there is no way to verify what happens behind the scenes.

Office 365 Security Standing Tall.

Although online applications can never be 100% foolproof when it comes to security, Office 365 comes very close. The overall Office 365 security features incorporate built-in security, transparent operations, continuous compliance, and privacy by design. Apart from this, Office 365 encrypts data in transit and at rest, backs up data regularly, filters spam and malware from emails, manages admin-level Office 365 accounts and access, monitors for suspicious activities on Office 365 accounts and invokes additional security measures to minimize risks in real time, and more.

Now, when it comes to information security, one must set their expectations properly. What you are trying to accomplish while making your transition to the cloud with Office 365 is important. Microsoft provides a planning resource for Office 365 to infer how security must be addressed. For deployed Office 365, you can get immediate security feedback by running Office 365 Secure Score which analyses your Office 365 configuration and recommends improvements.

Not only in terms of traditional cloud computing, Office 365 offers immense value with security as well. If you leverage the advantages that Microsoft provides in terms of security, identification and resolution of risks, Office 365 by far, will ensure that the concerns over the cloud are alleviated.

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