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Microsoft Dynamics GP a Flexible Financial Solution for Finance Business

Across the global, growth in business is befalling around from acquisitions and mergers to the launch of new subsid­iaries and partners. Industries from local deployments to large international rollouts around the world are turning to Microsoft Dynamics GP to provide their finance teams with 360-degree views of customers and the business anytime and anywhere. One such U.S. based Finance industry was seeking a flexible financial solution, as the company used primordial technology for their organization.

By using Microsoft Excel for their organization, the finance industry uses to enter all the information like transactions and invoices manually in the system, which resulted into the delay of services, customer dissatisfaction, and high chances of wrong calculation of interest that effect into a monetary loss.

Seeking for assistance, they reached out to Rigel Networks for an amenable financial solution for their business. With a thorough knowledge and understanding their problem, valuing their time and energy we came up with Microsoft Dynamics GP Solution, which is a  business solution from Microsoft, delivering comprehensive out-of-the-box business management functionality for small and midsize enterprises. It is a unique combination of business intelligence, collaboration, and communication tools that connect the multiple moving parts of your organization, resulting in better visibility into and control over what is going on in your business.

Rigel Networks, understanding their problems, provided MS GP Solution with fiscal standard accounting rules to this client. We have also introduced automatic invoice calculation, and their effects in the trial balance sheet and final balance sheet which has eased their accounting and calculation problems, as employees earlier had to manually make the entries in Microsoft Excel Sheet. As a result, there was a high chance of wrong calculation of final balance sheet, invoice calculation and many more.

Our team of expert, using VB.NET and C#.NET designed a new financial standards accounting rule GP which has enabled automated accounting work for our client. As per the Fiscal Accounting system all the interest calculation, loan settlement calculation, and loan adjustment calculation had become automated. Moreover, this feature gave revolutionary effects in our client’s accounting system, as it not only saved the time but has also saved lots of money by doing right calculations of invoices.

With the help of web access, their lender and borrower client can now check the loan details from anywhere, anytime. Overall, centralized GP system has eased the administration, management, accounting, and collection work. Not only this, the feature -Automated Entries, helps our client to automate all the transactions entries, where there is no chance to lap or miscalculate the interest amount.

Why choose Rigel Networks?

Rigel Networks Microsoft Certified GP experts help its client in building up the customized GP for their organization. Our experts assist you to integrate Microsoft GP with other corporate systems like ERP, Office 365, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and more. Not only this, it can also customize and create Custom Window Forms (.NET), Extender, Email Support for all options based Report, Re-write of report and development, Excel report Bulk Deployment, Business Analyzer Task, Add GP Form to Extender Menu, SSRS Report Integration with BP, Word Template Generator, Additional Analytical SRS Reports and many more.

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