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Microsoft- Dominating the million hearts of IT honchos with its unbeatable services

When it comes to information technology, “Microsoft” is the very first word that gleam in all our minds. Today, more than 95% of the enterprise workforce has been using Microsoft as its robust offerings to increase business productivity, collaboration, communication & customer services.

Microsoft has helped many small, medium & large enterprises reach their full potential and elevate their businesses to the next level. Whether simple products like word, excel or aristocratic business solutions like CRM, accounting applications ERP, regulatory solutions etc., the software giant has it all in its gargantuan box.

Notable Services to Contemplate:


Certainly a robust working platform, SharePoint has been widely accredited by professionals for its rich features. It allows the users as a secured place to store, share, organize and access information from any of the devices.

Office 365-

Launched in June 2011, this is the brand name which encapsulates assortments of services and software. It includes wide range of services for enterprise and business users such as email, social networking services, SharePoint, Yammer and lots more.

Microsoft GP-

all ERP solution, Microsoft GP has always assist businesses in managing their inventory and operations to make business operational.

Windows Azure-

Also known as MS Azure, this product introduced cloud computing to the users of the world. Supporting various programming languages, tools and frameworks this programming platform could be used to deploy, build and manage applications through wide network of datacenters controlled by Microsoft.

Microsoft CRM-

This is a software package for customer relationship management, focused mainly on the areas like Sales, Marketing and Service and the product.

Active Directory-

Developed specifically for the Windows Domain networks, Active Directory is a service which is now included in various Windows Server operating systems for the processes and services.

Exchange Server-

Keep your business on track with a personalized inbox which is highly interactive and intelligent. Besides, the product also helps you to get through with result oriented search along with an architecture that meets the mailbox and client access roles.

With so much of useful IT products, Microsoft has established itself as a suitable source to meet the software needs of the industries.

Here are some of the companies which underwent some really good experience after implementing Microsoft’s services:

A Few Companies That Benefited:

The Carlsberg Group:

With more than 500 brands under its belt, the company desired to optimize global business operations, while remaining closed to local markets. It achieved this mission by creating a model called “GloCal” by using the collaboration tools in Microsoft Office 365. The model has not only helped their group to work at a global level but made its many regional beer brands prosper as well.

Kuwait Oil Company:

One of Kuwait’s most vital industries and a government owned holding company, KOC makes major contributions to the country’s GDP. Following its wide range of back office operations including human resources, accounting and customer relationship management, an agile IT environment is essential that can deliver and accommodate its dynamic business requirements.

This is where, the company turned to Microsoft One Service approach to implement the latest servers and tools to transform its data center operations. An established and efficient workflow processes not only helped the company to increase the staff IT productivitity but also result in greater cost savings and improved management.

What’s Trending!

Microsoft Azure IoT–

With the introduction of Internet of Things i.e. IoT, Microsoft applied this platform to Azure Suite which is a cloud based offering with preconfigured solution. It helps to address common Internet of Things scenarios. Hence, the users could capture and analyze the untapped data to increment their business.


Announced on 9th March 2016 by Microsoft, SONiC is a complete open source “Software for Open Networking in the Cloud” to run devices such as switches. These devices have been built with the collaboration of networking vendors like Arista, Broadcom, Dell and Mellanox. SONiC can also run on several switching platforms through Switch Abstraction Interface.

Coming Soon!!!


It is the second update for Windows 10 that brings major improvements to the feature-set and design. The updates through Redstone will not be seen as a Windows 11 or Windows 12, but more of a Windows 10.1, with features that are largely designed for new hardware and devices that run Windows and will be targeted at the phones, Microsoft Band, Xbox, etc that rely on Windows.

SharePoint Server 2016:

Microsoft has been working relentlessly for the new version of Sharepoint Server. There has been a steady stream of information about the new features in the Sharepoint 2016, which includes streamlined update and patching process to reduce downtime, a “hybrid search” capability, data-loss prevention capabilities along with information rights management protections.

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