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Microsoft Azure IoT: A Remarkable Event that Unlocks the Potential of IoT Assets

With the explosion of technological creativity and innovation, the Internet of things has become an emerging subject of businesses across the globe. Durable goods, utility components, consumer products and other everyday objects now share a platform with uninterrupted internet connectivity and powerful data analytic capabilities that has completely transformed the way we live and work.

As per a recent survey, early adopters of Internet of Things can make 2016 the Year of the Customer, making the number of businesses to adopt IoT strategy increase by 50 percent this year.

While, currently, IDC figures shows that IoT market will hit $7.1 trillion in revenue by 2020. And Cisco foresees that the IoT is expected to become a $19 trillion market.

However, at the same time, the Internet of Things elevates significant challenges including surveillance concerns, privacy fears, legal and other developing challenges that hold many organizations back when it comes to its deployment. This is when Microsoft felt the need to introduce Azure IoT suite to help companies thrive in the era of digital businesses.

What is Microsoft Azure IoT suite?

Azure IoT suite is an integrated set of its Azure services. It connects a broad range of devices and operating systems, capture and generates the big data, integrate and manage the flow of that data, so that the improved decisions can be made to automate operations.

How organizations benefit from Azure IoT Suite?

By supporting a variety of interactive dashboards and visualizations, Azure IoT suite provide enterprises an easy and seamless way to connect with the people and assets that help them make the most of IoT opportunities without worrying about the huge investments in infrastructure.

Any business using this suite can immediately get a comprehensive view when an asset or device needs any attention, allowing business to function more accurately and efficiently.

Besides, the rich analytical tools provide a secured access to the all the data and insights a business needs. User permissions can be done to control reporting so that the information can be only shared with the right people.

The preconfigured solutions also are engineered in a way that helps users to proceed quickly right from the testing to the deployment.

The Future Ahead

With a promise to enable faster time to implement and improve business processes, Microsoft has welcomed seven new industrial partners including Arduino, e-con Systems, Embedded Systems SIA, Samsung and Toradex, Nexcom International and Adlink Systems.

There is lot that can be done…

So be an early adopter and overcome your key business challenges and bottlenecks to stay ahead of the competition.

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