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Magento 2: Imparting Formidable Dimensions to B2B E-Commerce

B2B customers are difficult to reach and engage as compared to B2C customers. The prime reason for this trend is that B2B customers do not spend additional time as the B2C customers. Also, the marketing for B2B customers is different with no specific strategy carved on stone.

The pivotal aspect of engaging B2B customers depends heavily upon how easy their search can be made. If you are capable of providing convenient buying options for products with their detailed descriptions and features, winning B2B customers is not all that difficult. Easier said than done! So, let us have a glance at certain aspects that are must-haves for reaching and engaging B2B customers, and how professional Magento e-commerce website development services can play a vital role in B2B customer acquisition and retention.

Robust Search Functionality

Experts say that about 70% customers, including B2B customers, spend time on internet to find the product they want. Naturally, this necessitates the presence of robust search functionality for growing B2B business. Customers usually have several questions; the success of a B2B business lies in how easily these questions can be addressed. When your web solution incorporates features such as auto correct or a tactically placed search toolbar, your business is manifested to go a long way.

Simplicity with Intuitiveness

When the options available to a B2B customer are simple and intuitive, the buying experience becomes easy. Simple features such as add to cart, add to quote, option to add promotional quotes, viewing and downloading of specs sheet, printing and sending reference to a colleague, auto reorder as per the frequency of a choice, getting availability of the inventory and pricing easily is what is expected from an ideal B2B store.

Consistency and Product Specific Information

B2B customers are sensitive to excessive browsing and searching. Consistency of product data, descriptions, pricing attributes and specifications across all channels facilitates easy buying decisions for customers. Thus, consistent and product rich information is substantial for B2B customers.

How Magento Aligns with B2B E-Commerce?

B2B businesses that have high priority for scalability, unified experience, seamless self-service and convenient options to strike a deal can receive powerful B2B functionalities with Magento 2 edition. It allows businesses to create several specific pricing lists assigning them to specific companies. Not only this, Magento 2 has the function of account model per company where all the payment and purchase history of transactions are stored.

B2B businesses require interfacing with information systems like logistics, CRM and ERP for scalability. Magento 2 provides APIs that facilitate easy and rapid integration of connector applications like ERP and CRM. So, if you are in quest of formidable e-commerce solutions for B2B business, Magento 2 is one of the best platforms to add state-of-the-art dimensions to it.

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