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Leading 5 JavaScript Frameworks for Seamless Application Development

The JavaScript frameworks are totally changing the scenario for seamless and engaging applications. It seems that latest JavaScript frameworks are taking the IT world by storm as popular frameworks are introduced every now and then. It becomes difficult for the developers to choose the best JavaScript framework. Hence, here are some of the top five frameworks that the developers can use while designing and development:

    • AngularJS 1.x and 2.0

It is the foremost JavaScript framework, and Google has designed and maintaining for the development of the single-page applications. The version 1.x of the AngularJS helps in extending the HTML library as it declares the applications in the dynamic view. The resultant environment of AngularJS 1.x is quick, readable, and expressive. The developers can customize the features of the application in accordance with the developmental needs.The AngularJS is an open-source framework. It is based on the MVW architecture and has helped in the faster and efficient development of the applications. However, AngularJS 1.x performed in a better manner but the AngularJS 2.0 has been developed as a revamped model. It has extra features that make the improvement in the usage of HTML for the web application development. The developers get simplified technical things with testing made much easier for them. For the current version, the performance is tuned up, a feature of low memory consumption and simpler touch support process is introduced.

    • Node.JS

It is the most powerful framework since the JavaScript has come, and the projects have grown with the usage of the framework in the recent years. The Node.JS has risen up in few years, and developers have started giving it a rank above the .NET and the Java programming languages. It has made its leadership in the technical field as it offers versatile features, and it is highly scalable too. The beginners, as well as the developers, who have knowledge of other programming languages, can easily learn it.

    • ReactJS

ReactJS is regarded more of a library as compared with the JS framework. It has worked well for the user-interfaces of popular social networking sites as Instagram and the Facebook. It is responsible for driving high-end dynamic traffic. In the MVC pattern, the React.JS works as a “V” and can be integrated well with any of the architecture. Its components can be re-used, created or transferred for the public usage too. It is a kind of perfect fit for the highly loaded and complex software.

    • Meteor.js

Since its inception in the year 2012, the ecosystem of the Meteor.js has increased at a rapid rate as it comes with robust back-end and front-end development features, management and business logic features. The modular structure enables the usage of libraries and the packages at a good pace. It also covers all the required phases of the software development, files concatenation, real-time application development, etc.

    • EmberJS

This JS framework is not far behind if you are concerned about conventions rather than the configurations, then EmberJS is suitable. It is a great framework if the developer has to check out the complex templates and nested routes within the web page.

Lastly, the above top five JavaScript frameworks support the development and designing features in a seamless and intriguing manner. Still confused to make a decision? Give us a call at +1-949-891-2571 or drop us an email at and our solution architects will get back to you with your apt technology solution.

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