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The landscape of Software Testing is shifting: Things you need to know

Being in the industry that is always changing its sphere, one needs to be dynamic, sharp and dexterous to deliver the best. Software development is one such landscape where there is a constant shift. Developers have to keep with the pace of changing technology trends to create a solution that best matches with contemporary standard. One of the essential parts of software development is checking the quality of final product through accurate testing measures.

To run and execute all the tests on time, software development agencies must have versatile engineers with polished competencies, appropriate tools, sophisticated infrastructure, and precise insight about the parameters under test. But most importantly, they must adopt the adaptability of changing principles and methods of software testing.

If you are busy with other aspects of IT industry, this article will refresh your knowledge about the world of software testing. To begin with, the demand for traditional QA Engineers in general has shifted. New standards, practices and technologies are shaping the future of development.

In past few years, software testing has created a new ground for testing methods, some of which we have discussed here:

Agile is becoming a new norm

Agile software testing approach has surprisingly integrated the entire QA team into software development process from beginning to end. However, this comes with an overwhelming challenge, which is that QA teams will have short time frame to design unique test, review codes and prepare test scripts.

This often results into testers performing regression tests right before the release of the software product and combating time constraints. This is done to ensure the old functionality still works well after new features were introduced into the software. The struggle with time can be overcome by automating regression tests. This requires a QA Engineer to gain expertise in coding as well.

Cost effective tools for testing automation

The past of automation testing tools had software development companies procure overpriced software packages like Mercury toolset, Segue, Rational Rose, etc. This also necessarily meant training the QA team on these tools. Now things have turned around as free automation tools like Selenium have economized the Quality testing process.

Offered for free, Selenium WebDriver can interact with any web application and supports languages like Java, Python, Ruby, C#. It also enables you to write Selenium-driven automated tests for iPhone, iPad, or Android based devices.

Companies will emulate Google’s standards

Google has taken an initiative of setting a high standard for most qualified Quality Assurance Team. Software developers will have to strive hard to fit into this concept of QA ranks. Developers must have precise coding skills and be able to create test automation frameworks or write automated tests on their own.

The practice of predictive analytics

Companies will need to ponder practicing Predictive Analytics for software testing to identify the errors and problems during testing activities. It is a data driven approach that enables testers to be proactive and take informed decisions.

Predictive analytics come handy while alleviating common problem most of the companies face such as increased costs, production delays and operational risks.

Predictive analytics helps in realizing the present scenario and taking proactive steps for avoidance of future risks.

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