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Kentico Became More Capable Than Ever With New Version: An Insight to Learn

When a new update in existing CMS system is introduced, it is only to make things better and more convenient than before for both developers as well as end-users. There is always something to take, learn and implement. Kentico, in particular, is a popular CMS technology used for building amazing websites. Known for its multifaceted approach towards business solutions, its new version (Kentico 9) has garnered a lot of attention from technical experts, innovators and businesses around the globe.

With the intranet, CMS, ecommerce and community sites coming together on one capable platform, Kentico is the reason why we decided to devote a blog space to depict its scintillating impact.

    The areas where new Kentico 9 has influenced are:

  • Speed for development
  • Ease of content management
  • Reduced development time
  • Security of pages
  • Digital marketing
  • Simplicity of development process

Let’s walk through significant highlights of Kentico’s improved capabilities.

Continuous Integration Support

Continuous integration support will change the way developers build and deliver solutions. The CMS is all prepared to enable Kentico developers to shift all the changes from one environment to another easily. The use of continuous integration server and source control will facilitate automatic deployment.

The CMS will also smooth the co-ordination between development teams and developers ensuring the better workflow engagement.

Custom Module Development

Due to enhanced modularity in a new version, installing and uninstalling modules directly from Microsoft Visual Studio will be faster than ever. This will add furthermore convenience related to application work.

Web Farm Support

This is a real time saver as it involves no additional configuration for developers. What makes deployment faster is its ability to self-resolve the problems and quick recovery capability. Web farm servers have shared file storage, which improves a performance of development process.

Security and protection

Security experts at Kentico are focused on developing tools that will help enhance the security of web pages without affecting its performance value.

Web Content Management and web parts

Kentico has shown the promise of MVC development improvements to make content editing easy and quick for both developers as well as non-technical operators. It has newer and cleaner API to take user experience for developer’s one step better.

Online Marketing through

    • Integrated Campaign Management

Kentico 9 makes creating and executing campaigns for marketing easier and effortless. Thanks to its integrated digital marketing tools, marketers can perform all marketing campaigns from one location through integrated campaign management.

    • Automated marketing

In any marketing tactics, discovering tricks to extract and implement personal data of prospect customers always comes handy. Kentico gives you the opportunity to reach more and more visitors through contextual marketing capabilities with automated marketing

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