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How Kentico Aligns Marketing With Web Development?

Marketing and Development are two of the substantial pillars for enterprise web development. And it is important that these two divisions work in sync and are well connected. But the truth is marketers often feel that web developers do not understand the business requirements, whereas developers feel that marketers have little idea about what they actually want and hold on to wrong expectations.

Miscommunications between marketers and developers can impact businesses in a detrimental way. So, it becomes important to facilitate better conversations between these two entities. From the perspective of Kentico development, we are going to focus on certain areas where communication will facilitate bridging the gap between marketers and developers when doing online marketing.

Deciding upon the Right Development Model

Kentico provides several development models based on different project requirements. For example, a marketing-centric project calls for portal development model, whereas for a developer-centric project, the model that is preferred is MVC or ASPX templating.

With the gap in communication, developers simply pick the model they are comfortable with (MVC or ASPX). When the project is handed over to the marketers, they realize that they do not have the access to do the modifications that they saw in sales demo and training.

To avoid this, marketers should have a clear understanding about the development options available and to what extent they can get involvement before the development starts. It is important to make the marketers self-efficient when creating landing pages with components. The takeaway from this area is that marketers cannot do similar modifications with MVC projects. So, portal templates development is the best option for them to do things on their own.

Interpreting Online Marketing Data

Traditional marketing gives a lot of emphasis to matrices. Thus, the marketers expect the developers will provide them all the data necessary to perform analytics, generate reports, adjust strategies, refresh content, etc.

The takeaway from this area is to have a better understanding about what data is required, how it is going to be used, and how is it going to be maintained. Having a better control over the data will ensure better performance of the website.

Achieving Right Contact Segmentation

A popular website is a dream of every business. What makes a website popular and going are the visitors. It, thus, becomes important for marketers to segment visitors or contacts so that they can be served best.

When it comes to contact segmentation, the best thing to do is to start with a manageable number of segmentations based on the resources you have. This is so because it is not just about accumulating contacts, but serving each segment better with unique content.

Kentico offers several ways to segment contacts viz. contact groups, personas, lead scoring, etc. The takeaway from this area is to pick up the right segmentation option for different purposes. It is advisable to start with a manageable amount of segmentations, and add more later on, as needed. It is also advisable to thoroughly study the data and refine rules for segmenting contacts.

There must be proper communication between marketers and developers during the planning phase of the web project. This will save time and help avoid trouble in the long run.

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