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October 11, 2017

Why Jive is the Perfect Remedy for Corporate Amnesia?

Corporate amnesia is an undesirable situation for businesses because it is detrimental to employee productivity. Analogous to individual amnesia, an enterprise in such a condition loses its memory of how to carry on with the day-to-day tasks. With Jive development, this can be remedied big time.

What Causes Corporate Amnesia?

The work environment today has become more flexible than ever facilitating freelance activities. Although this shift has several benefits, it has made businesses more susceptible to corporate amnesia. The sky-scraping dependency of organizations on information, knowledge, and content places a responsibility for easy and agile access with proper collaboration. However, certain inevitable factors, such as departure of employees, constantly increasing distributed workforce, and data overload has been haunting organizations with lost or misplaced knowledge and information.

What does the Statistics have to say?

A global survey conducted by Jive Software concluded that 47 per cent of the employees who use a computer or mobile device for their work have cited corporate amnesia as an issue in their working environment. In another global study, knowledge workers stated that they spend 29 per cent of an average work day looking for corporate information to carry out their tasks, 70 per cent use company applications, and 34 per cent use e-mails for the same. Honestly speaking, e-mail-based search remains the sole way of finding valuable information and it has been a stark failure to achieve desired results. Naturally, this overwhelms the employees, and at the end of the day, businesses have to pay heavily.

Jive Can Offer the Perfect Solution

Jive is the perfect solution for corporate amnesia and the complications associated with it. As a formidable collaboration tool, it combats corporate amnesia by streamlining how employees and their peers, subordinates, and seniors connect with each other. This facilitates availability of relevant information and technology required to do the work in the best possible way. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, data from different devices can be stored in an efficient manner to enhance corporate memory.

If we go by the future projections for the year 2020, digital data will reach a staggering value of 44 trillion gigabytes. With the world’s data increasing 10 times from 2013 to 2020, Jive will be helpful to assess the work graph and derive meaningful insights from the zettabytes of data. With Jive’s effective collaboration tools and processes, the loss of precious information can be minimized to a great extent saving companies from losing valuable resources and cutting down the costs considerably due to the loss of knowledge, information, and content worth their weight in gold!

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