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February 2, 2017

Jive – Ensuring Seamless Collaboration in the Workplace

In the new age, enterprises are always on a lookout for technological services or solutions that can facilitate or improve collaboration among their employees, managers, key decision makers, and much more to improve their overall work efficiency. In this respect, Jive brings the goodness of both Microsoft and Jive, as now it is possible to integrate the later with Microsoft and Google applications. It is at present in a high demand across the world. Many IT companies providing end-to-end solutions and services have already started catering to the diversified collaborative needs of enterprises with Jive solutions. So, let us have a look at some of the benefits that it offers to enterprises.

Improved sharing of documents

With an integration of Jive with Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Sharepoint, both employees and management can share their documents with each other or among themselves. They can do these with an utmost ease without compromising security and privacy. The successful integration eliminates the need for switching between different apps. This is because everything will be available at a single place. In short, this results in quick search as well as improved document sharing, which in turn enhance collaboration within a workplace to a significant extent.

Enhanced collaboration

Jive Software pack allows integration of Microsoft Outlook Web Access OWA to Jive. This extends the reach of Jive or Microsoft users by enabling them to participate directly via their Outlook Web Access for an enhanced collaboration. It becomes possible to do community discussions with the help of email strings. It also enables them to upload files without any need to get out of the Outlook Web Access. This led to increased employee engagement desired by most enterprises to boost their overall productivity.

Improved task management

Managing multiple tasks of diverse nature appears a tough one in an enterprise. Jive solves this problem by offering excellent features like task management, performance insights, reporting, private messaging, and much more. Never before, task management has appeared a simple affair for the project managers.

If you are also looking to make the most of this enterprise collaboration software, please get in touch with the experts, Rigel Networks by writing your exact business requirements at We provide an array of Jive solutions which include Jive Software Setup, customization, application integration etc.

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