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November 27, 2017

How Jive is Engaging and Empowering Enterprise Workforce?

When it comes to providing modern communication and collaboration solutions for businesses, Jive is the leading name in the market recognized by industry’s top notch analyst firms in several categories. Jive enables everybody to work better together, be it employees, partners, or customers. The scope of Jive embraces process-based collaboration, knowledge management, and social potential. Let us dig further into Jive and its capabilities and know how Jive development is engaging and empowering enterprise workforce.

Discovering and Solving the Problems of a Transforming Business

Jive offers interactive intranet solutions to support and make your business geared up for changes that are inevitable and take place every now and then in an ever changing, volatile market. An engaged and empowered workforce is the most substantial requisite for enterprises embracing the digital philosophy. Not only does Jive perform extremely better in the socialization of business practices, it possesses several productivity tools to enhance the employee mobile experience. These tools are Jive Chime, Jive Circle, and Jive Daily; to name a few, that play a significant role in boosting the overall productivity of the enterprise workforce.

Jive in Perspective with Digital Marketing

The realm of enterprise social networking is expanding with each passing day. The latest market trends suggest that more than 15 per cent users are turning to enterprise social networking. It is a well known fact now that better collaboration practices can enhance business by leaps and bounds. Digital Marketing has ushered communication and collaboration challenges that almost all the experts in the industry believe can be solved by formidable enterprise social networking platform. Jive, as a platform with immense social networking capabilities with respect to communication and collaboration can have a positive impact to resolve these challenges.

Placing Jive in an Evolving Market

In a constantly evolving enterprise communication and collaboration market, Jive plays a significant role to bring out powerful and progressive products to solve the challenges of digital transformation and collaboration. An evolving digital market asks for methodological acceleration of collaborative usage development. And Jive has undoubtedly proved itself as the best social networking platform to achieve that.

Taking the Right Step to Boost Productivity

Today’s market is replete with cutting edge technologies and state of the art development platforms. The question that every enterprise, irrespective of its magnitude, needs to ask itself is whether productivity can be achieved only through deploying latest technologies? No doubt technology plays a vital role but success comes when latest technologies are complemented with the right communication and collaboration solutions. Jive helps businesses by not only being advanced on the technology front but by setting up a digital culture as well with the help of effective communication and efficient collaboration by a platform of the stature of Jive.


Jive is a leading name in the market when we talk about enterprise social networking. Due to its all-inclusive potential and powerful collaboration capabilities, enterprise communication is enhanced seamlessly across a Jive powered hub. Businesses can leverage the Jive platform to procure benefits by leaps and bounds.

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