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July 6, 2016

What is an IoT Magic Mirror and how it enhances user experience?

The word Magic Mirror inspired great curiosity and for a good reason. At Build 2016, Microsoft presented smart technology called Magic Mirror. This innovation is a perfect epitome of power of technology effectively meeting human comfort through smart, user-friendly and sophisticated experience. Powered by Hosted Web App on Windows 10 IoT Core, Magic Mirror enhances personal experience of users with facial recognition feature.

In this blog we will unravel more interesting facts about intelligent and personalized IoT Magic Mirror. Here is what you can digest:

What exactly is the Magic Mirror about?

Magic mirror is designed to accommodate all the needs of an individual user and work in synchronicity with their daily activities without having to disturb their routine. IoT Magic mirror, thus, acts as a digital morning companion fixed statically somewhere inside your house for individual who wants to have pleasant experience of viewing and getting updates on an enormous screen.

The making of Magic Mirror

If we consider its physical properties, Magic mirror resembles the look of one-way mirror – a good version of this is often seen on Hollywood adaptation of interrogation rooms. A simple LCD display behind the mirror brings alive all the UI elements in white supported with a black background. With this arrangement, you can easily see your own reflection and white elements while software inside serves relevant information for you.

The cost of such big project is often dreaded, but Magic Mirror is designed to be low cost and simple, enabling you to build it in a matter of couple of hours.

Microsoft has open sourced the web apps hosted on the mirror. The mirror is powered by a Raspberry Pi because of its popularity, supportable pricing and hardware specifications.

The interface approach and attributes

In order to enhance simplicity and eased in viewing, the typography on the mirror is more emphasized than its adornment.

The contrast of black and white is mainly preferred to satisfy the purpose of readability on the mirror surface. Also, for user to be able to see their reflection, the central area is cleared of any content.

As stated earlier, the Magic Mirror is a morning pal to its users and supports them as they get ready for the day. To feed individuals with right info in right fashion, most important updates (weather status, time and alerts notifications) are placed at the top of it while auxiliary information will dwell at the bottom.

The smart apps and personalized experience

Due to facility of facial recognition capability, user experience gets even richer along with the smartness of apps. Users can personalize their mirror display with this face detection feature.

Because of Microsoft’s Cognitive services Face APIs, it was feasible to imagine and build personalized face recognition with little effort.

Microsoft’s Cognitive Services check and compares user’s face to their profile. The profile info and pic fed by users is sent to Cognitive Services to create and store a unique identity in Magic Mirror’s database. The unique identity details of a user is then processed by internal software to present them with relevant information.

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