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June 12, 2019

Do You Intend A Migration To SharePoint 2019?

In 2018, a lot of anticipation had taken place for the release of the next SharePoint server version. However, Microsoft towards the end of July 2018 had announced that SharePoint 2019 was available to the customary public. Unlike the 2016 release, SharePoint Server 2019 is bringing a wide variety of new features to the on-premise platform. Over the last two years, most of these features have rolled out to SharePoint Online customers, as they are well tested and mature.

SharePoint on-premises have certainly made its place, and SharePoint 2019 will expedite the needs of those who utilize the SharePoint server. An upgrade to SharePoint 2019 is a consideration for a lot of organizations. For this latest version of SharePoint, Microsoft has looked to incorporate many of the UI features from SharePoint Online. Apart from that they also have extended support for Power Apps and Flow too, amidst other things, help in managing the move from the ever popular, but deploring features, such as Microsoft InfoPath and SharePoint Designer.

Moreover, they have focused their efforts on team collaboration and user experiences across devices, supporting the efforts of those embracing flexible working or the Modern Workplace. Besides, there has been attention towards merging the cloud into existing on-premises scenarios.

A brief list of the vital SharePoint 2019 features:

– Modern Sites, Pages, Lists, and Libraries

– Team News

– SharePoint Home

– Communication Sites

– One Drive Sync Client

– Improved hybrid support and scenarios

– New developer options

– Improved support for business process with Power Apps and Flow

Now, let us have a look at the unique features of SharePoint 2019 in-depth:

SharePoint Server 2013 To 2019

A first migration tool designed to “lift and shift” all your data to the new environment without scanning, analysis or classification is a native upgrade offered by Microsoft. However, without the help of third-party integration, a direct upgrade of SharePoint 2013 to 2019 is impossible.

Further, the development team will require to rebuild, redeploy, or reconfigure the version if there are any changes in the existing configuration. This new environment operates parallel with the old one. Besides, it directly allows you to upgrade SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint

2019. Organizations can audit their existing data and elect everything that is required to get migrated to the new version.

SharePoint Server 2016 To 2019

A fresh and artistic design of preconfigured pages offered in the upgrade from SharePoint 2016 to 2019, in combination with a completely new editing mode. Further, responsive design enables optimization of mobile devices and web applications, where users enjoy new, easy-to-use scroll pads, integrate with libraries. Therefore, SharePoint 2019, brings many updates, which are the need of the hour for enterprises.

After going through the above features of SharePoint 2019, you must be gaining interest to upgrade your business to SharePoint 2019. Rigel Networks, a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, offers comprehensive SharePoint solutions to SME’s across the globe by rendering solutions using Microsoft SharePoint engine to achieve your enterprise goals and provide a cost-effective, easily integrated and scalable agile and process driven work environment. We use Microsoft SharePoint to develop corporate intranets, team sites, and extranets that bring together people, knowledge, and operations.

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