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October 18, 2017

Inspiring the Next Generation of Modern Web Development with ASP.Net Core 2.0

ASP.NET Core is the next generation of ASP.NET. It is a free and open-source modular web framework that runs on both the full .NET framework on Windows and the cross-platform .NET Core. From.NET Core RC1 to .NET Core 2.0, ASP.NET Core has traversed a path characterized by enhancement of performance, support for APIs, and many other features. ASP.Net web application development has stood the test of time, and ASP.Net Core is enhancing it further.

What’s Special with ASP.NET Core 2.0?

With the release of Visual Studio 2017 in March 2017, there were several improvements of .NET Core tooling, together with the new csproj file format. With .NET 2.0’s recent release, there has been an inclusion of a formidable set of APIs to include a lot of features that were missing in the earlier versions. To the developers, it would seem as if virtually all full framework APIs have been made available. The previous versions of .NET core lacked support of third party libraries, especially if you wanted to deploy your apps on Mac or Linux. The developers, however, used .NET Core and targeted full .NET framework without any issues. With .NET Core 2.0, we now have a new compatibility shim that enables any .NET Core app to reference any full framework library. According to Microsoft, this compatibility shim will be like a bridge that will connect converted libraries to .NET standard without being unable to use the existing libraries that have not yet been converted.

Optimized Code Across Platforms

As developers always want more APIs to make it easier to use existing .NET framework code along with the use of more .NET languages, .NET Core 2.0 has included massive API increase compared to the previous versions of .NET Core. Additionally, there has been support for referencing .NET Framework libraries and NuGet packages, and for Visual Basic. An interesting feature is the extension to cover the amalgamation of .NET Framework with Xamarin making .NET Core 2.0 much bigger as it implements .NET Standard 2.0.

One of the greatest enhancements that .NET Core has brought to the development scenario is enabling code to be used on more Linux platforms. With the previous versions of .NET Core, each Linux distro had to be targeted separately and each .NET Core build had to be downloaded for each distro. .NET Core 2.0 treats Linux as a single operating system, like how it treats Windows and Mac. .NET Core 2.0 Linux builds works on several Linux distributions. To sum it up, .NET Core 2.0 enables you to use the Linux .NET Core SDK and Runtime builds for most Linux distros and it also facilitates building apps that target Linux as a single operating system.

Almost a year ago, .NET Core 1.0 RC came out and almost a month ago came .NET Core 2.0 making things better for developers and all other associated with this platform. Be it any streak of .NET, .NET Framework, .NET Core, Xamarin, Unity, and UWP, with .NET Core you can share across code, binaries, skills, and more.

.NET Core is an open source, general purpose, modular, and cross-platform implementation of .NET including several tools, compilers, framework libraries, a runtime, and more. The recent release of .NET Core 2.0 has facilitated huge benefits for developers and .NET aficionados by including about 20000 APIs and allowing referencing for existing .NET framework libraries.

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