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With IT advancements, LSP’s have started integrating technology solutions for tasks such as shipment management, inventory management, bar coding, analytics and much more. At Rigel Networks, we offer a roadmap for LSP’s to decide whether to make a transition in logistics system with a big bang or phased/pilot approach

  • Custom Software Development
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Mobile Application Development
  • RFID Solutions

Special Expertise in Field Service Sector

Our first client being from a field service sector & serving them from past 12 years with our end to end IT services & solutions, we have developed special expertise in the industry. From Field Service Management Software, mobile app for field personal to work order management systems, we have a vast portfolio to show

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Rigel Transportation & Logistics Solution Benefits

Handle logistics transactions and operations on one database across multiple users, offices, functions, countries and languages at an affordable cost

Stay connected with your drivers

Ensure compliance mandates are met by proactively maintaining your fleet & vehicle performance

Respond to Customer Demands Proactively

Quickly respond to inventory turnover & regulatory requirements

Increase Operational Efficiency

More informed asset & capital planning decision making

We are glad you are here!

Our field experts are ready to help you increase output of your logistics business & streamline costs by our Logistics IT solutions

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