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Heavy Engineering IT Solutions

Digitize your manufacturing operations to streamline projects by dismantling old applications and building innovative custom software solutions with latest technology giving thorough insight of your business

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We offer engineering companies with integrated engineering and manufacturing quality system development services to build solutions that tightly connect operations and workforce in a way that maximizes efficiency and productivity. Below is the list of custom solutions built for heavy engineering industry including Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

  • Part / Bill of Material (BOM) Management
  • Universal Viewer (2D & 3D File Viewer)
  • Job Engineering Planning (JEP)
  • Project Alignment Meeting (PAM)
  • Document Management (or DIN)
  • Non-Destructive Evaluation/Examination (NDE)
  • ERP – Facility Management
  • Welding Procedure Specification (WPS)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Physical Test Request (PTR)
  • Digital Signature
  • Digital Job Time Card (JTC)


  • High-level customized features as per the requirement of the design and planning engineering department of the organization.
  • Reduce the paperwork and smooth workflow management for the approval matrix.
  • Transmittal email configuration through the system with clients, subcontractors, vendors, and manufacturers, etc.
  • Document issue notes in digital format for document management.
  • Quick and fast evaluation mechanism and accurate resolution of comments.
  • Digital signature with just one click for easy work process.
  • Streamlined Part / Bill of Material (BOM) management.
  • Provide improved visibility of critical requirement specifications.

In the manufacturing industry, Asset Owners & Operators realize that operating profitability is as important as the initial price paid. The Design Engineering, Planning Engineering, Procurement and Marketing departments are responsible for quality work, maximum utilization of assets and planning for less human stimulation. Due to the absence of compliance, low degree of agility, costly human errors, outmoded technologies and deficiency of digitization in the current market, the engineering industries have to suffer various hurdles.

Rigel Networks offer Technology Services and Custom Software Solutions for HEAVY ENGINEERING INDUSTRY. We focus on creating new applications and tools that are changing according to companies design, plans, projects and processes as per industry standards. We provide robust and high-end software solutions, cloud applications and web portals to different departments of the industry.

We work with a wide range of manufacturing organizations to overcome production challenges, as well as increase visibility into the entire manufacturing process. Our Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions aim to enable organizations to harness technology, improve efficiency, progress, productivity and allowance to gain total visibility across enterprise functions.

We deliver solutions for modern digitalization by integrating engineering business environment for discovering the design and planning of engineering. Transforming innovative ideas into market-leading products for demand flexible business process supported by integrated engineering solutions.

Our domain expertise is enriched by developing new service offerings for our clients, allowing them to seamlessly transit from traditional methods to a more effective service delivery model enabled by connected digital manufacturing solutions aimed at process improvement.

Empowering innovation in manufacturing industries

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