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Construction & Roofing

In the CONSTRUCTION & ROOFING industry, digitization leads to enhance efficiency in operations, effectiveness and provides new opportunities for the Contractors, Manufacturers, Distributors, Inspection Consultants, Agencies and Partners.

The roofing and construction industry is recasting itself by new technology aptitudes, Emerging client expectations, New generation of manufacturers and specialists, Supportive regulatory frameworks, etc.

Rigel Networks offer Technology Services and Custom Software Solutions for CONSTRUCTION & ROOFING INDUSTRIES. We focus on creating new applications and tools that are changing according to companies design, plans, projects and processes as per industry standards. We provide robust and high-end software solutions, cloud applications and web portals to different departments of the industry.

Our Forte

Our specialization is in the advancement of construction and roofing companies to maximize their efficiency and productivity by forcing the working processes in a digitized way. We have delivered many solutions to construction & roofing industries to manage their operations in a regulatory approach;

Roofing Sales Management
Roofing Inspection
Roofing Certification
Repair Estimation
Building Asset Management


  • High-level customized features as per the requirement of involving department.
  • Reduce the paperwork and smooth workflow management for the approval matrix.
  • Transmittal email configuration through the system with clients, inspectors, manufacturers, vendors, etc.
  • Payment gateway integration in the system.
  • Document management.
  • In-built e-Signature feature.
  • 2D, 3D, advance engineering and back-office files supporting features in the same application.
  • Comprehensive solutions to manage lifecycle of customer.
  • Integration with accounting applications like QuickBooks.

Our experience is in building technology-driven solutions for the organization to leverage the potential of IT for enterprise growth. Our CONSTRUCTION & ROOFING industries proven solutions enable the industry to achieve continuous success in the forthcoming years.

Our domain expertise is enriched by developing new service offerings for our clients, allowing them to seamlessly transit from traditional methods to a more effective service delivery model enabled by connected digital manufacturing solutions aimed at process improvement.

Boosting Construction and Roofing Business Process

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