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Differentiate between Hybrid and Native Mobile Application Development

At some stage, you will have to decide how you will develop the app while designing your mobile application. Hybrid and Native apps could be one of the choices. But the decision taken might affect the end product. So, it is essential to implement the right decision, understand how each type of development works and affects the end product.  There are many options available in the market to create a mobile application development. The apps Hybrid and Native offer similar functionality, and each has pros and cons. However, before committing to a particular development path, it is essential to understand these apps in detail.

Hybrid Mobile Application Development

Hybrid apps are created for the use of multiple platforms like Windows Phone, Android and iPhone is natively installed on your device, but coded with web technologies that are developed using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. These web applications can run in a native browser, which includes UIWebView in iOS and WebView in Android. The apps that are developed by using JavaScript, HTML and CSS codes are tweaked in a native application using platforms like Cordova.

Cordova – an open source tool allows you to build your hybrid applications that can run on more than one platform by just adding one right line of code. Similarly, this application acts, feel and looks like a native app. It also has access to phone hardware one of the native device functions such as Bluetooth, camera, geolocation, and microphone. Cordova can ease your hybrid app development as it has a vast repository of plugins.

Benefits of Hybrid Apps

Wondering why to consider hybrid development, then here are the few benefits where hybrid outperforms native across the board.

Unified Development

Saving the stress of building multiple apps is the main principle advantage of hybrid apps. It offers unified development and makes the single app to be operable on both platforms. Moreover, for a leading platform, it allows the businesses to save the amount of money in developing more than a single app. The developers can generate a single hybrid framework by flawlessly using a common codebase for different platform. For instance, you code once and then build it for iOS, Android or windows.

Fastest Development speed

In a short period, hybrid apps can be developed quickly with less effort. In comparing to native apps, it is flexible and requires less maintenance. The app can soon launch it on another platform, by just building one app.


It is impossible to say that native is less expensive because with this application you can develop one app for multiple platforms. Which means less of legwork that can be done by a smaller team. Therefore, the hybrid is the way to go if you know off the bat that cost is going to be a significant issue.

Less Requirement

Are considering a hybrid for a way to get your app idea out into the world as soon as possible? Well, unlike with native apps this mobile development application can be adapted to different platforms when required and made using one language. This means the app is built with less requirement and time to market.

Native Mobile Application Development

With genuinely native UI elements, this mobile app natively runs on your device. It is an application for Smartphones and tablets that are specially developed for the operating system. For instance, a developer would use Java and Swift for Android when working with mobile app design for iOS. Also, to fill any gaps you do not require to use plugins as the native app has full access to every API available on each platform it runs. Moreover, talking about Native, we think the best and more comfortable way to go native is by using our open source and free framework called NativeScript.

Benefits of Native Apps

Native apps offer few distinct advantages like the ability to be used without an internet connection which is more straightforward, while others are more advanced like better UX design.

Built-in capabilities

Easier access to the built-in capabilities of the operating system is one of the advantages of developing native apps. In compare to hybrid apps which has limited access depending upon the publisher’s rules, this application has functionalities like GPS, camera, microphone and a string of others.

High Performing

It is a lot easier to follow a system’s specific guidelines when you are explicitly developing for one operating system. Therefore, it leads to a high performing app best suited for gaming and other performance-heavy apps.


When it comes to being found in the app store native apps, have another distinct advantage. Like UX and high performance that hybrid apps cannot match, this mobile application development comes from the other benefits that we have already laid out.

So by now, you must be wondering which mobile application development is the best – Hybrid or Native Apps. Well, opting hybrid app for a primary project makes more sense, like designing a simple app such as ticket purchasing app or a directory that does not require too many features. Alternatively, native app has advantages that would play well if you have a list of features that need to add throughout the development. Hence, a start-up with less capital might lean towards Hybrid apps, whereas, Native App can be the right choice for a brand with more capital to spend.

Therefore, start-ups and scaled enterprises who are looking for an amazing mobile application development solution, Rigel Networks with its certified and experienced mobile app developer make user centric enterprise applications to add mobility to your business.

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