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Hiring Freelance Consultants – A Growing Concern In the IT Industry

Hiring freelancers is a trend that is fast catching up the consultancy industry too in 2016. The new advancement in technology has fueled this trend, and one can expect that soon small companies will follow the same suit. This is because many businesses are now only mobile-friendly, and can receive consultancy services via their preferred mode of communication from any corner of the globe.

Although the trend is a growing one, there is no dearth of IT consulting firms at present across the world. This is because it is hard to beat the skill set and the reliability of consulting firms in comparison to that of freelancers. Most organizations only contact a reputed IT consulting firm to get the services of the best business consultants for mergers and acquisitions in their business.

Possible cons in hiring a freelance IT consultant

The kind of value that an IT firm consultant brings with his or her vast experience and broad skill set along with a promise of round the clock availability as per the business need is rare in the case of a freelance IT consultant. There is always a lack of control on the working schedule of an independent contractor be it an IT consultant or a web designer. Such a professional often works for more than one client and this may affect the quality and dedication for your organization.

Skills of an IT consultant of any reputed consulting firm

It is true that an urge to attain cost-effectiveness and an availability of professionals now working from remote locations as IT consultants have encouraged companies to follow the trend of hiring freelance IT consultant. However, the vast range of skills that an IT consultant of a reputed IT consulting firm has is rather quite impressive and a glimpse of the same may change your decision. So, the skills of an IT consultant of an IT consulting firm are as follows:

  • An amazing ability to express technical complexities in simple language
  • Understanding the business needs and objectives within the smallest timeframe
  • Ability to design successful training programs for the client’s company
  • Making the most of the latest technologies for the client’s company in a cost-effective manner
  • Exceptional sense of business and IT to rightly access whether the new technologies will meet the business objectives or not
  • An ability to access the existing hardware systems within client’s company need replacement or not
  • Excellent reporting, presentation, and interpersonal communication skills
  • Tremendous amount of flexibility to work as per the client’s expectations and need
  • An understanding of the need to work as per the budget estimation only

An easy availability of highly specialized IT consultants has much to do with this trend, which is also a growing concern in the IT industry because of the share of possible problems that it brings with it. However, if you have an unflinching faith in the capabilities of IT consulting firms, then state your business requirements and send a mail to

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