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January 8, 2016

How Help Desk has stepped into the global Healthcare arena

According to a report “2014 Global Health Care Outlook” by Deloitte, the number of challenges in the healthcare sector has never been so many as it is nowadays and these challenges have pushed the stakeholders to find new ways to deliver an improved healthcare delivery worldwide.

There is in fact, an array of issues faced by the sector on a day-to-day basis which vary hugely from one country to another. For example, in a developing country like India, management of patient data records while maintaining data privacy has emerged as a daunting task as the amount of data generated in a single day is becoming enormous. In such a scenario, managing the same manually is just out of the question and extremely time-consuming.

The issues in developed nations like the U.S. is, however, different like compliance to high regulatory demands, difficulty in big data analysis, increased demand for primary care, and many more. However, the silver lining is that availability of technical support has proved to offer a respite to healthcare providing organizations to cope with these issues to a considerable extent. This technical support is in various forms like help desk support, technical support in healthcare or a BPO support at an affordable pricing.

Solutions offered by BPO Help Desk in Healthcare

Healthcare delivery is round the clock task and IT help-desk services facilitate effortless delivery of the same to the care-receivers. Be it a hassle-free patient registration or management of the same along with digitization of medical records, help desk proves more efficient. A robust help desk also eliminates the need of visiting a healthcare facility by a patient to stay in touch with his or her physician post treatment as it allows email of all queries from the comfort of their home.

Although, the healthcare sector has always showed reluctance in outsourcing IT help desk support to achieve desired outcomes and high efficiency, the massive data volume and increased expectations have forced many hospitals across the world to opt for the same worldwide.

According to the executive director of NCHICA, Jennifer Anderson, “Security and privacy are at the forefront of every healthcare CIO’s mind” while adding that it is essential for hospital CIOs to evaluate thoroughly the cost benefits of help desk support outsourcing.

However, things are definitely changing gradually and more hospitals are coming forward to enter into the digital era while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

Benefits of BPO support in healthcare sector

It has been found that BPO support offers several benefits if implemented in the healthcare sector and these can be summarized as follows:

  • Increased profitability due to elimination of the need of investing in an infrastructure of a network of computers, telephones, help-desk software, etc. Profits are also ensured because of no need in hiring skilled manpower for in-house help desk.
  • More focus on patient care with no requirement to manage the clinical records manually or time-consuming analysis of the records.
  • Better coordination between all departments of a healthcare facility and improved patient experience.

As the present in-house service desk support staff of most healthcare units is now no more adequate to meet the challenges, outsourcing help desk support seems to be the most convenient solution in the healthcare arena globally.

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