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IT help desk best practices: How it increases operational efficiency for your company?

Business and IT are two interdependent entities and are inextricably connected to produce brilliant results for the company. Modern IT help desks solutions go beyond giving traditional remedies to on-premise problems and sophisticate its technical IT services. Modern practices are highly in demand and the best IT help desk services comprise of a glorious shift from post-incident assistance to pre-emptive measures. The proactive approach gives the ability to ensure secure system in which IT-dependent business operations remain safe and unscathed throughout all possible circumstances.

The importance of having IT help desk

There are some unique practices of IT help desk support executing which eventually boosts the efficiency of enterprise customers. Such IT help desk is a catalyst pillar to creating most modern and efficient workplace.

Without a proper IT support, the speed at which a company employee produces work for the company suffers. Because of interrupted work consistency, employees feel dissatisfied with low motivation and loss of productivity.

Having IT assistance available and functional ensures there is always a specific technology helping company with all their technical setbacks and defective operations. Hiring Help Desk services, in-house or remote, gives business the benefit of having 100% uptime. This means companies will not have to compromise their efficiency and employees would spend their time doing valuable things to business.

So what are these best IT help desk practices that are conducive to improving company’s overall productivity?

Help desk implementations

There are several ways IT help desk service can be implemented. It usually contains multi-layer support with a person or a group of people with sound technical knowledge. Whenever problems about IT system arises, they troubleshoot and find out the solution.

In multi-tier approach, there might be one person with a facility to contact via phone. Some companies prefer to employ multiple professionals either in-house or a part of remote IT infrastructure management team. Both ways, they perform the tasks on 24/7 basis.

Essential standard practices of ideal IT help desk

Based on Information technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), the implementation of best practices for help desk services includes:

  • Single point of contact for IT related hiccups
  • Hardware and software consultation
  • Problem solving capabilities for all internal problems
  • Escalation procedures for critical problems
  • Resolution implementation

Service management practices is divided into the following sections:

Knowledge Management

A perfect Help desk system is the one that knows previous incidents and problems, which helps reduce the time dealing with current setbacks and improves operational efficiency.

Problem Management

Having a system to collect information related to incident management helps tackle the problem more precisely. It helps identify the root cause of commonly observed or frequent incidents by capturing information in a knowledge base.

Access Management

The help desk has the responsibility to manage and keep user accounts credentials safe. Single point Help desk ensures quick response time especially for end users having account related issues.

Single Service Catalogue

Help desk must follow the practice of having published service catalogue with accurate pricing and service details in it.

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