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December 10, 2018

Grow Your Customer Base by Using Ecommerce Solutions

The shift to ECommerce is fueling growth in the global jewelry market. In the preceding year, the global jewelry market was expected to reach USD 257 billion, and grow at a rate of 5 percent per year over the next five years, according to the recent study. While the online excellent jewelry market is anticipated to grow at a much faster rate as it is currently accounting for only a fraction, and by 2020, it is expected to capture 10% of the market according to Connecting Dots. As per the recent study, in Asia, the online jewelry market is enduring tremendous growth, in particular, where it saw a CAGR of 62.2% from 2011 to 2014.

An internationally online jewelry retailer based in New York, USA was facing problems to capture people’s attention, due to the improper way of online shopping. As a result, the company was finding it to be challenging to increase their sales. Therefore, they were seeking assistance to market their jewelry products to boost the sale of their jewelry items as well as diamonds.

Seeking for a solution, they took up ECommerce solutions from Rigel Networks to develop a user-friendly website, where marketing its jewelry products online becomes more comfortable and also increase the sale of all its products. With a thorough understanding of clients need and problem, Rigel Networks with its skilled IT experts build an online web portal by implementing more affiliate marketing programs with Google, Bing, Amazon and Link Share, which has not only improved the clients selling for items but also diamonds. For all this marketing a data feed file was generated, and for Amazon marketing, we had got involved with feed discussion, analysis and implementation from Amazon.

We build a shopping cart that helped various retail jewelers, vendors, and customers connect at one single centralized platform. With this, it provided a one-stop solution for customers to buy diamond, gemstone, gold and pearl ornaments exhibited by various vendors with a provision to modify and match regarding material, color, cost and more as per the requirement.

We implemented the Ecommerce solution in such a manner that, customers can have their discount on the checkout, using promo codes that distributed to the registered customers through email. Moreover, the solution allows the user to download on a daily basis on a predefined time. Similarly, other marketing programs were implemented for the client.

The online web portal was built using technologies like SQL Server 2008, Jquery, Javascript, HTML, AJAX, Google checkout, FedEx, ABC.PDF 6, Image Magick, .Net Framework 3.5, and .Net Web Services.

Through this online selling web portal, our client has not only achieved more revenue from Amazon item selling but has also earned its own certification in the market to sell b2c exclusive diamonds. Not only this, with a large variety of services and products now available online, their customers are now, even more, happier to get the facility of automated diamond loading to the site.

Why Choose Rigel Networks?

Being a leading E-Commerce solutions provider company, Rigel Networks develop web and mobile E-Commerce Solutions, which helps our clients to increase their customer base. Our developed B2B and B2C E-Commerce stores have an appealing online presence, cross-platform mobile outreach, and superlative backend processing caliber. Whether it is about developing an E-Commerce site from scratch or refurbishing an existing web store, we aim at answering our customer needs and amplifying their business.

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