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Gauging Xamarin and React Native for Cross Platform Mobile App Development

Initially, mobile applications were built specifically for a particular operating system, whether an iOS or an Android, or Windows. With technology advancing by leaps and bounds, and with the cut-throat rising competition in business, the need for developing applications that were OS independent became more and more significant. Businesses do not favor solutions that are limited, especially in a market that is booming consistently. Therefore, software experts started to feel the heat to develop platforms that would facilitate mobile app development independent of OS.

Xamarin vs React Native

And so, came the concepts of hybrid and cross platform mobile app development. React Native and Xamarin mobile application development are two of the scions of the cross platform mobile app development paradigm. Frankly speaking, whenever there is a comparison between any two formidable platforms or technologies, one is ought to expect the conclusion straight away—both are equally good; choice depends upon your set of requirements. However, the act of concluding before analyzing is precarious. And so, we are going to carry out a comparative analysis between React Native and Xamarin based on certain aspects such as, cost, development environment, support and assistance, and integration into the platform.

A General Outline

Xamarin is based on C# framework. React Native on the other hand works with JavaScript. This makes React Native comparatively easier to learn than Xamarin.

When it comes to the development on iOS platform, React Native is somewhat low in performance. To enhance the performance, React Native requires an additional set up. Xamarin is a step ahead of React Native when it comes to performance since it performs well across multiple platforms.

Based on Platform Integration

While developing apps for multiple device platforms, Xamarin is a good option since it can be integrated with the OS features to offer you a native look and feel. React Native can go well with different platforms for those projects that do not need much high quality. A significant disadvantage with React Native is its inability to offer a native look and feel, which requires configuring the apps to give it the native touch.

Based on Cost Factor

Both React Native and Xamarin are open source. Xamarin after its acquisition by Microsoft is somewhat on the track to become open source. When it comes to commercial usage, Xamarin seems to be costlier than React Native. In terms of performance, Xamarin wins. React Native fits well in the app development scenario when high quality is not a consideration.

Based on Development

When it comes to the usage of development tools, React Native offers flexibility to work with practically any kind of text editor. On the other hand, Xamarin depends on Visual Studio to a great extent. To make use of other alternatives, Xamarin involves a bit of complexity.

Based on Help & Support

For support and assistance, Xamarin is a better option that React Native because blogs, communities and online forums are highly available for Xamarin than React Native. This is simply because React native is relatively new.


Choose the framework based on your requirements. Xamarin offers high-end performance. But it will require a considerable amount of time to master. If you can mix and match your requirements and do the planning, React Native is a better option. And if you want to develop high-quality applications, go for Xamarin.

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