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April 19, 2017

Gaining Business Insight with Automated Processes: The RFID way

Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) refers to the technology that allows almost any object to be identified via radio waves. The mechanism that comes into play here is wireless data transmission. A tag is attached to the object that contains electronically stored information. The RFID device works somewhat like a bar code or a magnetic stripe. A significant advantage of RFID devices, however, is that they do not have to be positioned exactly relative to the scanner. This ability to identify and track objects without being in the line of sight can be beneficial to organizations across any vertical.

RFID Engulfing Steadily into our Lives

The possibilities of incorporating RFID into our daily lives is nearly infinite. Once used only for tracking cattle, they are now being used to track consumer goods. Manufacturers use these tags to identify the location of their product from the time it is manufactured to the time it is laid down in a shopping cart. Apart from the retail industry, RFID tags can be used in tracking vehicles, automated toll collection on highways, key fobs to enter buildings, and so on. From access cards and credit card chips to inventory control and asset management of organizations, more and more RFID systems are being incorporated in our daily lives. There is a rapid growth in the RFID technology and it is also powering the Internet of Things (IoT).

RFID: The Roadmap Ahead

The future of RFID is expanding considerably with rapid growth in sectors such as healthcare, transportation, retail, food industries, pharmaceutical industries, etc. Increased adoption of RFID means technology providers will be required to invest in new innovations and enhancements. In other words, as more and more industries and companies start embracing RFID, new technologies are likely to influence RFID and render it more reliable and cost-effective for a large number of applications.

The automated nature of RFID can help businesses gain substantial insights. And the extent to which it is slowly but steadily becoming part of our existence implies that RFID technology is here to stay, and stay for a long time. Thus, both RFID service providers and users alike need to look into the ways of utilizing the new technological advancements about RFID, to their advantage. With the benefits that RFID provides and the enhancements that it further promises to bring, very soon, the question will not be “Why RFID?”, but “Why not RFID?”

Rigel Networks has rendered RFID technology solutions to clients from different business verticals. From logistics to inventory control of hospitals, from smart RFID enabled key access in hotel industry to asset management in warehouses, we offer efficient software and technology services to our clients

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