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The Future of Mobility in Construction

Construction industry is among the most booming industries in the world today. Its importance is not backed by its size only but also by its contribution in economic growth.

It has played a key role in offering income opportunities in both formal and informal sector be it unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled workforce.

As per the results based on the CIC’s (Construction Intelligence Center) Global 50, a group of 50 largest and most influential markets in the world,

The global construction industry is anticipated to grow from US$7.4 trillion in 2010 to US$8.5 trillion in 2015 and to US$10.3 trillion in 2020.

One of the major reasons behind this impressive growth rate in the construction industry is mobile technology.

With industry facing constant challenges and changes, fixed margins, high competition and shortage of skilled labor, mobility solutions have always delivered biggest and quickest return on investment.

Today more than 80% of construction of company consider mobile as their highest priority to improve communication & collaboration and to streamline process.

Here’s how it has reshaped the entire process of handling construction projects:

Thorough Site Inspections

Paper processes are prone to several vulnerabilities and inefficiencies when it comes to site inspections. Workers sometimes write the same information repeatedly by using expensive carbon copies, which are hard to understand and easy to get misplaced.

On the contrary, a mobile app for site inspections greatly improves the efficiency of the workers associated with the projects. One can use drop-down lists and collect information like location or equipment types from the database easily. In fact, many mobile devices have also voice-to-text features, which enable workers to speak into the device and record notes.

Less Error and Fewer Costs

Not all the workers are blessed with good handwriting. Hence, paper forms can easily be unclear and misunderstood. Mobile apps serve users with checkboxes and different types of value fields to get information in real time. This eventually forces employees to provide clear descriptions and result in reduce costs.

More Devices Ensures Better Control

Since big data and business intelligence are the most important facets of construction industry, embracing more devices on the field provide real-time reporting tools to keep an eye on the team performance and project costs.

With the help of mobile, project managers are able to forecast any required corrections to take informed decisions and complete projects with an estimated budget. Whether it is field or office, the team members are given access to analytics insights, anytime and anywhere.

Future of Mobile technology in Construction

The future of construction industry includes extensive digital involvement. Some of the tech gadgets and apps that will change the construction world for the better are wearable smart sensors, The Internet of things, Tablets and Wi-Fi, Tool tracking and 3D printing.

So, be an early adopter of this technology for your business and experience the amazing benefits it brings along.

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