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December 11, 2015

Have you been lately thinking about ways to increase revenue from your Jewelry business? Have you zeroed upon taking a plunge into the world of online sales for your Jewelry line?

If yes, you are on the right track. The internet is revolutionizing the way businesses are done. It helps you reach a wider audience plus it is very cost effective and surprisingly fast.

Here are 10 easy steps for beginners to set up a running flow of loyal clientele for your Jewelry business:

    • Get a Website:

Your Physical store needs to be on the internet, so get a website for your Jewelry business. Make sure it is easy to navigate, has awesome content and is definitely bug-free.

    • Get a Mobile App:

A website for your Jewelry business is super important, but a mobile app will get you going faster and better for sure. So get a mobile app preferably a cross-platform app, so people with different operating systems like android, apple, blackberry, etc. all can use the app readily.

    • HD quality Photographs:

When you are trying to sell online; you can not undermine the importance of a perfect picture of your Jewelry piece. It is your ultimate tool to sell that Jewelry piece. Make sure the pictures you upload are of HD quality.

    • On page SEO:

On-page SEO of your Jewelry website means optimizing your website with correct titles, descriptions, and tags so that search engines can read the content of your website easily. Make sure each and every page of your website is perfectly optimized. It is the inevitable step for getting crawled by a bot and ultimately ranked on the respective search engine.

    • Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is the most cost-effective way of increasing online sales of your Jewelry business. All you do is give a cut to the Affiliate website for every sale that happens from their platform. Best thing is that you will pay only after you are paid.

    • Digital Marketing:

Here comes the ultimate one. A strategic, well planned digital marketing campaign can crack the code of ever increasing online sales of your Jewelry pieces. Digital Marketing is organic as well as paid. You can choose whatever suits your budget. However, it is important to keep your patience intact with digital marketing for getting the desired result.

    • Customer Support:

FAQs, Live Chat, ticketing, tele-support, email, ticketing etc are some of the ways to make sure that all the queries of your customers get solved as soon as possible. When you are trying to sell online you have to make sure that you have a system through which you can establish a constant dialogue with your customer.

    • Interesting Offers and Discounts:

Various offers like Deal of the Day, unique festival offers during Christmas, flat percentage sale, discount for birthdays and anniversaries of your existing clientele etc are some of the interesting ways to sell online.
Keep adding Content: Keep adding more and more content on the website. Latest Jewelry designs, fresh arrivals etc.

    • Keep your customers intact:

Email your registered users about running offers. Speaking to interested people via Pinterest, Instagram, FB page, twitter account, etc. are some of the important ways to keep your customers intact.

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