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Expect the unexpected – IT Solutions for Healthcare Industry undergoing transformational changes

Are robot doctors the future of health? Imagine this scene: you go to the hospital, and a robot greets you in the doctor’s office. It already knows your health history. We were of that idea that it was only acceptable in sci-fi movies. Driven by technology, scientific advances, and consumer demands, the healthcare field is undergoing unprecedented transformation. The digitisation of healthcare software solutions, which pre-dominated the last decade, but now the industry has reached at it pinnacle. Technology and medical research means radical changes in the healthcare industry. The customary human services scene, emergency clinics and private doctors’ workplaces, is experiencing a significant move of core interest. “Womb to tomb” care facilities, typified by boutique developments, medical malls, and health parks, are just now in their infancy.

According to the information provided by the World Health Organisation, 80% of premature heart diseases, strokes, and type 2 diabetes can be prevented. Also, 40% of cancer would be prevented if the risk factors were eliminated. Women with endometriosis, in particular, are heavily under-diagnosed and ignored. This condition affects about 10% of women, but it takes 7-8 years on average for it to be diagnosed. It’s an example of everything that went unnoticed with the current healthcare system. The changes are going in the direction of faster, more effective care providing away.

Unlike many other sectors, healthcare is about to breakthrough some transformation digitised changes. It is at the point of evolution where healthcare software solutions are robotised for delivering better-personalised care and concern. Longevity and the advance of new technologies and discoveries – as well as innovative combinations of existing ones – are among the many factors propelling patient empowerment, which is fundamentally changing Healthcare IT Solutions. To comprehend what we ought to expect in the years ahead, we empaneled specialists in the field of social insurance to anticipate which advances and developments with the goal that we can forecast in the following five years.

The future of health will likely be driven by digital transformation enabled by radically interoperable data and open, secure platforms. Health is likely to revolve around sustenance & well-being rather than responding to illness.

How to Change Impacts Healthcare;
Cultural shifts, cost of care, and policy adjustments have contributed to a more patient-empowered change of care over the last decade. Technological advancements contribute to a change in our patient-centric healthcare system. This pattern is anticipated to continue as new healthcare electronic technologies, such as 3D printing, wearable biometric devices, and GPS tracking, are tested and introduced for clinical use. Policies and procedures in individual facilities may restrict how and when new technologies are introduced, but cutting-edge technology is at the forefront to play an increasingly more significant role in our healthcare system within the coming years.

Along with policy and technological advancements, the people who provide healthcare software solutions are also undergoing change. Healthcare IT Solution Providers are an essentially, a part of the healthcare industry, and any change to their education, satisfaction, or demographics will directly influence how patients receive care.

Future healthcare providers are also more tamed to focus their education on business than ever before. A large-scale analysis of Harvard Business School’s physician graduates indicates substantial growth in the number of physicians pursuing M.B.A. degrees in the last decade. This growth may result in more private practices and healthcare administrators.

Future of Healthcare
1.The Change in System: From General Healthcare to Personal Healthcare
2.Witnessing Robots in the Role of Healthcare Practitioners
3.Data Science Will Change, the Way Doctors, Do Their Jobs
4.No more Silo Mentality in the Future of Healthcare
5.It’s All About Prevention

Evolving Healthcare Landscape
Changing Utilisation Patterns
Services and procedures that earlier were delivered only in acute care hospitals are now provided in ambulatory, community, virtual, and home settings. Driven mainly by value-based changes in reimbursement, the need for cost control, and advances in technology and procedural technique, this trend will continue.

Innovation must be a primary consideration of strategy development and an element of strategy execution. Technology drives efficiency and scale, and enables transformation and shifts in market dynamics, service models, and consumer engagement. Healthcare tools and delivery models must keep up the pace with the advancement of Internet, digital devices, portable technologies, artificial intelligence, and social networking, while ensuring security and privacy.

New Competition
While competition across the healthcare IT solutions used to focus on local providers, today’s healthcare entities face new competition on numerous fronts. National health systems are moving into regional and local markets through mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships.

Engagement and Behaviour Change
The incorporation of healthcare, lifestyle, retail, and community services are becoming the norm as healthcare organisations look toward more holistic models that engage consumers in multiple, personalised ways.

On a concluding note, from policy to patients and everything in-between, the healthcare IT industry is continuously evolving. Aging populations, technological advancements, and illness trends all have an impact on where healthcare is heads. Since it is crucial to pay attention to shifts in society to understand where healthcare is heading — innovation changes to healthcare, IT is not limited to technological advancements alone. The foundation for meaningful interchangeability has been laid, and now organisations need to prepare themselves to keep the pace of rapid changes to thrive and remain abreast of the changes.

Why Choose Rigel Networks
Rigel Networks cater to the diversified and imperious technology needs of all the major players in the healthcare industry. Our team of healthcare experts, Project Management Professionals, Technical Architects, and skilled developers offer comprehensive healthcare solutions, which helps healthcare facilities and organisations to address their administrative, financial, clinical, and regulatory needs efficiently.

Our Healthcare Solutions includes the following;
1.Custom Software Development
2.EMR/EHR Solutions
3.IT Helpdesk Management
4.Healthcare Mobility Solutions
5.Cloud-Based Application Development
6.Business Process Management Services

•Streamlined Process
•Better Personalised care
•Advanced Technology drive solutions
•Enhance operational efficiency

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