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Why are Enterprises Choosing DNN for CMS Development?

Websites for enterprises is like cheek by jowl. To make a significant web presence the content, function and process management must be taken into serious consideration. This is how a professional website is procured. And this is where an effective content management system (CMS) comes into play.

A CMS enables creation and modification of website content making the website look highly advanced and professional. This is carried out using a common user interface. In this post, we are going to dig into DNN, a member of the family of ASP.Net web application development and see why enterprises are choosing DNN for CMS development to ensure success.

Choosing the right CMS out of so many options available for your web development needs is a hard nut to crack. In such a scenario, what is the distinctive proposition of DNN in the web development market? Why certain businesses are choosing it over other CMSs? Let us try to find an answer to this question:

Every business desires to expand

Change is the only constant! No matter how great a website you have built, it will lose its purpose if it cannot be scaled. We are living in a world where yesterday’s sought-after technology can become outdated tomorrow. This demands your website also to change and grow with the modern times. DNN allows new features and pages to be added seamlessly to the website enabling enterprises to expand. What can be more desirable for a business than having to expand and scale without switching to another CMS?

Extending the reach with mobility

We touched the subject of changing times with technological advancements. Taking it further into the discussion, we introduce the fact that smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. Every day one can stumble upon one or the other article that statistically showcases the fact that mobile users are growing exponentially and would continue to in future. It thus becomes quite conspicuous that going mobile is the key to increase customer acquisition and retention. With a wider audience reach, businesses are striving hard to make their new and existing applications mobile compatible. DNN works in-line with this and has a dedicated mobile API that enables mobile friendly website or web app design and development. If your website has an impeccable reach on several devices, wouldn’t the reach of your business extend desirably?

Customizability with technical ease

Customization is a necessary as well as sufficient aspect when it comes to develop any type of application. The web development arena is no different. And when customizability is offered with technical ease, it is like a double bonanza! With DNN, managing and maintaining the CMS pages is not only easy but requires minimum technical expertise. You can easily create, modify, and maintain web pages. You can also alter texts, images, and layout without any intricate technical expertise. This is also time-efficient and cost-effective. What more can you ask for?

Multiple platforms to showcase your services

A business builds up several websites and manages them all from a single dashboard. If you think this to be a faraway dream, it’s time to introduce you to a CMS such as DNN. With one DNN installation, users are facilitated with multiple DNN portals. For businesses, especially those that have their feet dipped in several waters, this is a win win situation that offers them a unique way to showcase their services and solutions. Wouldn’t it make you happy?

Security is a salient feature after all

There is a lot of pandemonium going about data security. With cloud computing spreading its formidable wings, and with the heavy explosion of data since the past few years, it is quite natural to raise eyebrows in the technical circles. How does DNN stands in the times of indispensable security? The answer is simple; it stands tall! With different levels of security for different users, DNN also makes certain that the rights to modify the content is reserved with the administrator. This ensures protection against malevolent software.

DNN is a CMS that can be scaled to accommodate changes, extended to various mobile devices with responsive feature, customized with ease into multiple portals. All this in a secured way. This is exactly what every business expects and this is what DNN offers.

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