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Enterprise Mobility – What & Why should SME’s adopt!

Though Enterprise mobility is still taking its baby steps for many organizations, the interest is seen increasing. Experts are expecting the trend will soon become mature in coming time. Already, the app adoption rate for enterprise is growing sharp. Moreover, with the practically experienced success of mobility spirit in healthcare, travel and retail, we believe the time has arrived when enterprises at large need to go from ‘As usual’ to ‘mobile’.

It would be fairly correct to predict that digital transformation of organization is ready to change the face of enterprise structure and business dynamics beyond recognition.

So if you still find yourself struggling at a dilemma as to whether or not to build a mobile app for your brand, this blog will clear all the cloud. We have put together many practical case scenarios and analytical observation that illustrates why Enterprise must adopt the mobility trend.

The whole world is going app-dependent

Using a Mobile app on your own device is more than common now. Now that almost the whole world is dependent on mobile app for their personal needs, more and more innovations are introduced to make life of users amusing, productive and super-convenient.

Unlike Desktops, mobile device is something that stays with an individual all the time. This leaves more opportunities for mobile app developers to inject more innovations in the mobile app world. So users now have taken the promise of technology seriously, expecting their device to provide them more than just entertainment.

The growing ability to access anything and everything from anywhere encouraged immense decline in Desktop usage even within organization. The pleasant shock is that this will not something transient, and we are likely to see many organizations gravitating towards making their workflow dynamic.

Analytics that spur the mobile frenzy

According to comScore media matrix, 178 million US citizens owned smartphones with a 73.6 % mobile market penetration.

eMarketer recently published handy statistics that reflects the affection of milllenials towards mobile device. According to this research:

  • 80% citizens agreed they resort to smartphones the first thing in the morning
  • 68% preferred using their mobile devices over desktop for personal use
  • 60% of them believed that in the next five years, everything will be done via mobile devices

Direct benefits to derive from Enterprise mobility

There are so many merits of enterprises going mobile, including portability and luxury of capturing data in real time. Some of the business-transforming advantages are listed below:

  • Augmented productivity and increased flexibility
  • Awesome service quality
  • Unique Customer service experience
  • Workflow personalization
  • Maximum utilization of Enterprise resources
  • Improved decision making
  • Quick response and prompt interaction
  • Finest Data management
  • Efficient collaboration

Final note

Looking at these advantages offered by enterprise mobility, it is fair to say that the businesses must catch up to the speed at which the technology is changing the world around us. Businesses across all verticals are compelled to meet the competition by adopting mobile app trend. Ask yourself if you are ready to stay viable on the mobile adoption landscape.

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