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November 8, 2017

How Enterprise-Level Android Apps Can Ensure the Success of Your Business?

Application development or app development is the buzzword today. Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives and we have applications for whatever we can think of (we have apps for what we cannot think of as well!). The enterprise world today is leveraging these mobile applications developed on different platforms to offer best services. Through mobile apps, enterprises have found a unique and efficient way to reach out to their customers on a more personal level.

Android is one such platform that, by virtue of its popularity, is being preferred by businesses. There is no dearth of Android app development services providers in the market. It is, however, to be noted that Android app development can become a cumbersome task if certain important factors are not taken into consideration. Professional Android app developers follow certain steps that can ensure the sure shot success of the apps. Let us discuss these steps in brief:

Begin with Requirement Analysis

Conceptualization is the foremost step where a service provider comprehends your requirements. The objective of the entire app development process is formed with the help of a complete requirement specification. Once the ideas and objective of the app is laid down, the functionalities required can be devised by your professional partner.

Develop the Blue Print for Reference

Ensuring whether your Android app development process is in sync with your requirements is of utmost importance. To make this happen in a seamless manner, the developers make a wireframe of the structure of the app for reference. It incorporates the details pertaining to the platform, features to be included, feasibility analysis, and specification analysis.

Design the Interface

In this stage, the design team considers all the parameters such as functionality, design, budget and time that are necessary to develop the app successfully. This stage involves formally defining the app by providing static mock ups of the screens of the app. This can provide a clear idea about the look and feel of the app.

Develop Within a Stipulated Timeframe

Designing the user interface and coding marks the beginning of this stage. With the incorporation of the server component in most of the apps today, necessary resources are engaged simultaneously by the service providers to improve the efficiency of development. Prototyping approach is mostly followed wherein the developed prototypes are regularly sent over for reviews and approval.

Test to Ensure Error-Free Apps

Throughout the Android app development process, the application’s functionality is regularly checked by the QA team. This ensures less chances of errors in the app at a stage where it can be rectified easily. A fault popping up at later stages would lead to spending a lot of time and money unnecessarily.

App Submission in the Market

Once you are done with the development, your app can be submitted to the Android app stores. A developer’s account can be created giving you the rights of pricing and account information facilitating its management. Once your app is uploaded onto the app store, users can download it.

Promote Your App on Several Platforms

With the submission of your app in the Android store, the process does not come to an end. Without effective marketing strategy, no matter how great the app is, the efforts will be rendered useless. It is a good idea, and somewhat imperative, to promote your app in social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. and other platforms.

Following these steps will ensure the success of your Android app. You can leverage your brand-new app with effective customer acquisition and retention and raise your business.

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