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Enterprise App Development is Expected to Get Muscular with Android Power

Enterprise market muscles up with Android’s enterprise story that is quietly creating a big bubble of excitement in the domain of Enterprise-grade innovations. What enterprises are still unaware of is that Android is prepared to compete with iOS when it comes to enterprise mobility and its security.

Google is warming up to combat the dominance of iOS in deploying apps for organizations. Google’s recent endeavours supply us with enough material that shows how Android’s enterprise abilities are going to improve soon in coming years.

Enterprise app security and manageability are the core focus in Google’s enterprise-oriented strategy to boost the usability of apps. This is no anecdote since Google in its recent event at California announced impending improvements in Android for Work and its next Android release, fresh Android N. There is still some time before the news for future becomes the reality in the mobility market, but it is enough to draw attention of the companies looking to invest in enterprise apps.

Android for Work

Android for Work is Google’s enterprise security and management platform that enables Android devices to be treated as work profile. Android for Work enhancements Google announced was always-on VPN to control users’ work profile on the device, QR code based provisioning of Corporate-issued devices, Security password, and lock screen management.

The challenges and slow adoption

The biggest challenge Google confronts is the abnormally slow adoption of compatible devices. The main reason behind this is the lack of awareness and ongoing confusion among enterprise leaders related to its overall Android security.

However, the hope is still getting stronger about Android for Work getting popular, which is attributed to marketing efforts of Google in 2016. The idea will receive its elevation as the new devices will fill the digital market in 2017 with new improved security features of Android N.

Consolidated security of Android N

Because of the infamous Stagefright exploit that slightly affected Google’s reputation in 2015, Android N is developed with the massive focus on security reinforcement. What cheers the enterprise mobility believers is all new capabilities of Android N. Some of them are:

    • Regular automatic updates for Android
    • Media server hardening
    • File level storage encryption
    • Touch based authentication
    • Secure boot

Additionally, Google’s decision to deliver monthly software updates for Android N will augment more interest among enterprise app investors.

Google’s Enterprise App development commitment

The announcement from Google also shed light on Android for Work DevHub, a community for shared practices and collaboration on Android enterprise apps. Google also made available AppConfig community for developing Enterprise apps.

The facts mentioned above brings forward Google’s strong commitment to introducing safe and secure enterprise app development platform. With Android’s incessant updates, Enterprise app development is expected to grow muscular. The promise to launch frequent innovative software patches will definitely encourage companies to build Android-based corporate apps in future.


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