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September 27, 2017

Digital Transformations from the Perspective of Laravel Application Development

The choices available for web app development are plenty. Numerous platforms are divided into several frameworks, and making the best choice as per your requirement is perplexing. PHP as a web technology enjoys widespread popularity and it has several frameworks for web development.

Laravel is a free and open source PHP web application framework following the MVC architectural pattern. It brings ease and simplicity in several common tasks of web development projects, like authentication, sessions, routing, and caching.

If you are building a web application, Laravel is a great choice due to the several advantages it offers when compared to other frameworks and platforms. Not only it provides flexibility in coding and designing, it also offers bespoke user experience, among several other benefits. Let us throw some light on how choosing professional Laravel application development services are way better than others for a successful digital transformation.

Separation of Business Logic from Presentation

Laravel is a Model-View-Controller framework ensuring clarity between logic and presentation. This clarity enhances the overall performance of the application, allowing better documentation and support for multiple built-in functions.

Secure & Scalable

Unauthorized users must in no case gain access to secured resources. With Laravel, implementing authentication is very simple. It provides a simple method to organize authorization logic and control access to resources.

Easily Integrated with Mail Services

Sending notifications to the users’ email is an indispensable feature for modern web applications. The popular SwiftMailer library with a simple API is a part of Laravel which provides drivers for SMTP, SparkPost, Amazon SES, email and send email function in PHP. This facilitates quick sending of email notification through local or cloud-based services.

Several Cache Configurations

Laravel supports popular in-memory caches. By default, it stores cached objects in the file system with the help of file cache driver. While cache backends can be used for larger applications, it is also possible to configure multiple cache configurations with Laravel.

Error Configuring and Exception Handling

Laravel, integrated with the Monolog logging library, supports many powerful log handlers. For a new Laravel based project, the error and exception handling remains configured.

Laravel, undoubtedly, is taking the development community by storm by bringing together elegantly, all the best elements of its competitors under one roof.

Among all the frameworks, PHP or other technologies, open-source or otherwise, Laravel holds a special significance. The functionalities and features that Laravel provides facilitate progressive web application development. Laravel has reached new heights in web app development with more and more developers switching to this platform. It has opened new possibilities for enterprise app development and that is why businesses seeking best in class digital transformation must choose Laravel.

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