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December 15, 2015

Difference between a Mobile Website and Responsive Web Design

The world runs on smartphones and tablets, since with high-speed internet connection, works can be done faster. In fact, answering to this need, companies are investing on procuring internet servers and connections for all devices and not just to company desktops. The rush of people using internet to upload, stream videos, and share files, even to have a look at the upcoming events in the city or booking tickets online is immense in today’s world.

Understanding this rise of users, every company having its own website is also making websites in the format and layout that fits and resizes as per the mobile phone screen. But there are two options that the companies have got today to have their websites to suit the mobile users. One is the mobile web app with which you could have your own website designed and this would be done alongside having the desktop styled website. The other option is to have responsive website that would be a one-stop solution for having a website that could be viewed and handled from all devices without any problem. But what is the difference between the two styles is what you shall get to see here.

Difference between mobile website app and responsive website:

The difference between the two is stark and very pronounced especially when it comes to easy navigation and viewing images and reading the paragraphs. Let us see where the difference lies:

Viewing types:

If you get to see the website looks exactly the same as it does on desktop and it has to be pinched and zoomed to read everything, then it is mobile website. But if you see minimal design and easy scrolling features helping you to read on small mobile screens, then the website is responsive designed.

Creation and the styles:

While mobile websites are actually quite easy to design since they are free from major graphics and have practically negligible coding in it. The responsive website on the other hand, would take time to be created since it will be one website that would suit for all size of monitor screens, from 4 inches to 40 inches. Graphics would be rich too.

Updating content:

If you are also using a mobile website, along with the desktop version, you would have to update the same content with size alterations for both the versions. But in case of responsive design, you just have to upload one content and you are done.

Easy for search engine crawling:

The main reason for a website is to increase its search engine ranking and pull in great traffic too. If the mobile website has a second domain name that starts with or, then search engines may not track them at all. Responsive websites are the trend right now and so they are just suitable for the work.

Though many people might comment on the expense part, but looking at revenue generation and the expense of setting up website and yet looking at the future, we understand Responsive website designs are here to stay alongside mobile websites.

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