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Developing iOS Applications with Swift 3

The Objective-C ruled the app development scenario for iPhones and iPad application development as it has dynamic run-time and the object-oriented features. However, Apple came up with secure, fast and easy programming language that was Swift. Now, the iOS developers have an access to the latest version of Swift programming language that is Swift 3. It is reliable, robust, fast, efficient, laden with impressive features as it helps in writing and creating apps for the iOS Devices and Mac OS X.

Incredible Features of Swift 3

As the programming language is taking the IT industry by waves, the latest version Swift 3 is giving effective development goals to the iOS developers. Here are some of its significant features:

  • The Optional Building in Swift 3 helps in converting one type to another.
  • The SWITCH Statement is one of its powerful features, as the programming language does not have any kind of default fall. Moreover, the developers can switch between the conditions as Boolean, expressions, and elements.
  • Swift 3 is now open-source so it is not only confined to the OS X or iOS development but the version is now available for the LINUX too. It has opened up the usage of Swift to the app coders and the server developers.
  • The Properties in Swift 3 are much similar to that of C# and the Dart that enables it for set and get methods.
  • The developers can protect the exceptions with the introduction of Chaining as properties and multiple methods can be brought in one chain.

Insight into Swift 3 Advantages

The iOS developers are choosing Swift 3 over Objective-C programming language due to these important advantages:

  • Readability: The clean syntax of Swift 3 helps the developers to read and write the code lines, as they are fewer as compared to Objective C. It also drops many legacy conventions as the semicolons for ending line or the parentheses for the conditional expression related to if/else statements.
  • Secured Platform: Swift 3 is a secured platform for the development of iOS apps as the language development and the sentence structure rejects the mix-ups. There is an additional layer of value control kept during the development and it leads to less crashes or any kind of danger.
  • Focus on Speed: Swift 3 has focused drastically on the speed of the applications as one can see that a calculation will run at 3.9 xs quick speed in Swift 3 when executed in Python. The Swift 3 version has a quick speed than Objective-C programming language.

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