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Develop Custom Web Applications by Cherry-Picking ASP.NET 5

Generic web applications at times do not fulfil the specific necessities of every business. To suit your business-specific needs, you require web applications that are tailor-made. Although there are proprietary technologies and numerous open-sources that enable web app development experts to utilize in building highly functional and engaging web applications. However, due to the robust security features offered by ASP.NET web development services, most organizations choose this technology over various other technologies. It is mostly preferred technology by web developers.

Now let us understand why most of the ASP.NET experts decided to move on ASP.NET 5 for developing custom web applications.

Enriched Functionality

The designers can incorporate many functionalities that are provided by ASP.NET into the web application. As a result, it boosts the usefulness of the web application, and to a large extent, it reduces the work of developers.

Application Development becomes Simpler

The work of ASP.NET developer becomes easier as this technology enables you to carry out some common tasks like site configurations, client authentication and form submission with less effort and shorter timeframe.

Boost productivity with less coding

ASP.NET 5 application development is one the most embraced technology by developers. It enables you to do so by writing the lesser amount of code, while building large applications, especially developing enterprise applications. The feature also makes it easier to rectify errors, less coding and fixing bugs.

Rich and productive Toolbox

Several productive technologies and tools are accessible to the developers while using ASP.NET. For instance, Visual Studio integrated with ASP.NET; it takes the pain out of designing by facilitating the developers with ‘What You Say Is What You Get’ (WYSIWYG) editing. There are also numbers of tools that enables drag-and-drop server controls and programed deployment.

Easy Maintenance

ASP.NET 5 used to develop a web application, portals and websites, becomes extremely easy to maintain. Therefore, for most of the ASP.NET developers, it becomes easier to maintain, manage and edit various parts of web application and website, as the source code and HTML for ASP Web.NET pages are in one location.

High Security

For most of the enterprises and business web application, security has, consistently remains a significant concern and is the first and foremost priority. As the code of the websites or apps is not visible in the browser, ASP.NET a server-side language address this concern altogether. Consequently, the app becomes highly secured as ASP.NET 5 integrates additional security system into the web application.

Support for the web.NET 5 Framework Languages

To develop different components of the same application, developers can use various languages and be unspecific to any language from the Web.NET framework family for building your website.

As it reduces the time and effort taken to develop web apps, this technology is very much preferred by the developers. In this way, you create a feature-rich web application and portals considering the benefits of ASP.NET 5 web development services.

If you are looking for a service to develop your website or a simple web portal for your organizations and medium-sized business, Rigel Networks with 14+ years of experiences is a leading ASP.NET Web Development Company, delivering custom.Net development services to clients across the globe. It has currently worked on the same project for one of the utmost manufacturers of India – L&T Heavy Engineering to implement a web application for Employee Hour Booking System (EHBS) to book hours of pre-manufacturing activity and derives a capacity of Design, FEA, Planning, Welding, Lead Designer, CAD and Execution Engineer. Rigel’s excellent team, of.NET developers, developed the application on Microsoft.NET, using ASP.NET, C#, MVC, JQuery, Ajax, JavaScript and SQL Server 2015 technologies.

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