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Custom app development: Myths, reality and practical benefits

How many times do you come across a perfect solution that comfortably matches all your business needs? With plethora of changes powered by technology giants (Microsoft, Google and Apple), the way solutions have been crafted has shifted from being difficult to relatively easier. When it comes to developing a dedicated app or software to target the predetermined specifics of any enterprise, custom apps can often be a suggestion from leading IT solutions providers.

However, developing a compatible solution that addresses ongoing business processes is not an easy target to achieve. There are companies still hesitating to opt for custom apps. They have adverse opinion about shaping custom app development strategy around their business processes. In this blog, we have enlisted prevalent myths about custom app, with reality and benefits that debunk them:

Myths about custom apps

  • Custom apps levy heavy cost of development, ideally
  • Custom developed applications means little ROI
  • They are not as flexible as packaged software or off-shelf solutions
  • It is hard to find the skilled resources to craft a business-friendly custom solution
  • Security issues still challenge the usability of custom apps

If these are the myths constructed around the custom app development, here are the realities that can dispel them.

The Reality!

Thought to be associated with cost, custom apps don’t empty your wallet as much as packaged software since custom apps focus solely on precise requirements of your business.

If used and deployed properly, custom apps can be integrated with much bigger software like CRM. This doesn’t kill current ROI of the company, and in fact, boosts profit.

Unlike Off-shelf or packaged software, custom apps offer more flexibility in terms of features and solutions, bringing ease of business management.

Though it is true that custom app development is a specialized services, not all active IT solutions agencies provide it. However, you will always find experienced custom apps specialists in the market through thorough research.

Unlike packaged solutions, custom apps offer increased privacy and security since it is used only by the product owner. So other companies outside your enterprises can’t gain access to internal business operations.

Custom app development solution benefits

    • A mature final product with minimal scope of error
    • Highly efficient software ready-to-use from the day one
    • Ensures increase in ROI
    • System integration and consolidation
    • Enhanced performance of business operations
    • Flexible and streamlined organization
    • Prolonged support of technical team of development

This concludes that having specially customized app to suit specific business requirements gives you the edge over your competitors. Custom enterprise applications simplify your business processes, enable employees to quickly solve problems and boost productivity in workplace. All you need to do is to consult custom app development experts and share your business operations with them. They will be the best people to offer you the most viable custom solution to complement your business.

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