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How Cross-Platform Mobile App Development is revolutionizing hospitality industry?

Today, everywhere you turn, you are bound to witness someone using a mobile device like smartphone or tablet.

The rise of this technology has been well-documented and the milestones achieved are clearly exemplifying its immense popularity.

This has also changed the landscape in which business operate because of the growing range of lucrative applications. Since, its integration makes it easier for workers to collaborate, and business to effectively communicate with their clients, vendors and staff.

A purchasing metrics of CRIP shows that, 82% of Android users while 78% of iOS users stick with their respective operating systems last year. On the other side, Windows and Blackberry move along with a collective 5% market share

One of the industries that has been greatly benefited by this convergence is travel and hospitality. Gone are the days of long check-ins or struggling to get the attendants to get the services done.

Guests are offered with details of all services in high quality multimedia formats now and allowed to place orders or requests directly from their devices. Apart from these, trends can be also monitored to make informed decisions on services.

However, in terms of mobile technologies, number of hospitality managers are not convinced of the potential benefits like improved customer satisfaction.


As shown in the statistics above, market is filled with different kind of users using varied operating systems. Hence, aiming a single platform will not help you to keep your heads above water.

Travel and hospitality is a 6.3 trillion dollar industry according to the 2015 statistics, crediting a huge part of this success to mobile applications. Hence, it’s become essential for any individual dealing with this industry, to serve the clients on whatever device they want without sacrificing with content and features.

So, how to make your app available to masses without compromising quality?

Cross platform mobile app development is a famous practice that allows developing mobile apps work efficiently on diverse operating platforms (beyond Android and IPhone). It enables mobile app developers to reach a wider range of platforms without having to write multiple versions of code. This in turn increases the development speed and reduces the maintenance costs.

Though the concept of cross platform has been used in the software industry for decades, its market has grabbed the eyeballs over the last three years.

And for the question pooped in your mind now that how cross-platform proves useful to your industry, take a look:

Enhanced Coverage- You could cover more audience at a time when you have more platforms to cover. With the numbers of smartphone users increasing per day, creating an application that could run on iPhone and Android could serve as an added advantage for your campaign.

Diversified Marketing- You have the option to market your messages from applications to make your reach to the users through various media. Hence, you could expect your campaigns to get more populated from relevant customers.

Cost Effectiveness- Updating one application that runs on multiple mobile platforms is surely easier rather than that to update too many of applications at a time. A pretty cost effective solution as you can say.

Identical Look And Feel- When it comes to design the look and feel of a single application, it could be kept constant then eventually gets updated across every mobile platform. Simply, it reduces the development costs.

One of the useful tools for building cross platform mobile applications is Xamarin. It allows the developers to code a native mobile application in C# which could run on any mobile platform for instance Android, iOS or Windows.

Wrap Up

Rigel Networks has been known to have mobile developers which are highly proficient to make use of cross platform mobile technology to develop niche based mobile applications. Apart from this, the applications developed here are configured uniformly to keep the users updated at regular intervals.

So, be an early bird and grab the best deal for your business!

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