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March 3, 2016

Creating Tomorrow’s Healthcare Today!

It’s been a tempestuous start in this year for the medical leaders due to the industrial discrepancies and increasing pressure of delivering high-quality care to the patients.

Many hospitals and healthcare organizations have been facing massive challenges everyday as they need to respond to regulatory requirements. And while fulfilling those demands, new challenges continue to take place that have the potential to interrupt facility operations and put patient safety at high risk.

One of the major challenges faced in this regard is the cyber risk. Today, the healthcare industry is moving to maintain patients’ records electronically. This has created gateways for cyber criminals to privacy exposure as those records are consistently accessed by vendors, specialists and other 3rd parties to ensure successful operations. Data ruptures and network disruptions jeopardize an organization’s financial strength, security, and reputation.

Another major issue is the dramatic increase in the number of patients seeking care. A growing number of healthcare places have been left with no choice but to expand their use of Telemedicine to deliver services in hospitals as well as in remote locations. This sometimes results in assertions of carelessness if medical providers are not versed with experience and credentials.

This is why; both public and private sectors across the world are looking for the opportunities in information technology to face rising costs and continued challenges.

Here are some of the prime information technology investments that healthcare organizations thinking hard about to step up the game:

Getting Mileage from Mobile Apps & wearable:

According to a report from Accenture, more than half of the patients seek interaction with their providers via smartphone but are displeased with the lack of mobile services. Hence, hospitals are looking to improve the user experience and functionality of consumer-facing apps or embrace wearable technologies, when it comes to digital patient engagement. An efficient mobile technology not only helps in tracking and maintain information, but also remind patients to stay healthy and achieve great quality.

Serving Personalized Treatment:

Even though the practice of medicine has been reactive, medical professionals are not fully able to understand the genetics that often cause major diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s and diabetes. The drugs and treatments are tested on broad populations and suggested using statistical averages.

Personalized treatments are based on each patient’s unique genome and help to overcome the limitations of traditional medicine. This means all the treatments, therapies and instructions related to an individual health are tailored specifically. And to achieve that goal, there is a great need to create architectures that collect and store data precisely and securely.

System Integration Services:

Owners of healthcare organizations are constantly apprehensive about the penalties if they do not abide by medical technology standards. Hence, they are looking to increase their collaboration to provide value care at reduced costs, without the fear of losing critical data or the risk of system shutdown.

With the healthcare space getting ever-evolving and more complex, the industry benefits a lot from external expertise as a tactical extension of its resource in areas like management systems and logistics support. Having a back of skilled information technology workforce helps to leverage key strategic talents and fill critical gaps in a wide range of hospital practices.

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