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Create A Phenomenal E-Commerce User Experience On Magento

Possessing a digital storefront in today’s hyper-competitive global e-commerce ecosystem is merely not satisfactorily. When it comes to building a website, it should be engaging, dynamic, intuitive, and fully optimized, rather than just being functional. Despite this fact, the online world is still brimming with clunky, confusing, costly abominations that are so far from the mark, and it could be considered a sin in certain circles. Scores of e-commerce retailers believe that possessing an aesthetically-pleasing site will somehow drive swarms of consumers to their platform, clamouring to purchase. However, to deliver a website that will manifest some likeness of the illusion mentioned above, a site must look good and provide a sublime e-commerce customer user experience (UX), in addition to implementing the proper SEO techniques.

Talking about user experience, it has been an essential topic of conversion throughout the preceding year with swaths of sites aim to perform onboarding elements, product interfaces, content formats and other necessary components that promote meaningful and enthralling communication. The best practices and enhancement techniques for e-commerce UX over the years have increasingly grown sleeker and avant-garde. UX design will prolong to be of crucial importance in 2019, with users and search engines demand more genteel and gratifying on-site experiences.

In the digital realm, it is not always easy to prognosticate what trends are getting prepared to emerge or any unexpected event that can likely take the spotlight. In e-commerce and technology, there are a variety of growing movements that point to a potential future, where merchants are required to be combat-ready. Let us have a look at some of the most likely UX design trends poised to dominate the scene this year.

Implementing Advanced Search Bar

We often see that visitors do not start from the exact product page they are seeking once landed on an e-commerce website. Therefore, an advanced search bar is manifested to provide these visitors with exemplary user experience. The feature proves to be beneficial for major online retailers like Amazon, Zappos, Flipkart, and others, to assist their consumers to conversions quickly, and potentially also stimulate their interest in other products that surface as recommendations with the entered keywords.

Moreover, applying Magento’s layered navigation and filterable attributes can help consumers find exactly what they are looking for in a flash. The faster a customer can find what they want, the more likely a conversion becomes. By providing intuitive and expedient pathways to uncover popular products, users are more likely to appreciate a site’s design, convert, and eventually come back for more.

Customer Engagement

Product pages should contain all the elements listed above to help drive sales for items that consumers are examining. However, to maximize the customer experience and average order value, it is essential also to highlight related or periphery items that buyers might also find appealing. Below the product images, users should also see upsell items that are related to the product they are viewing and ones that are personalized to their particular tastes. Using Magento’s Enterprise Edition, merchants can easily create product upsell and cross-sell opportunities by implementing rules that help to increase page views and sales. Through this dynamic, sellers can establish regulations that display specific products based on what a customer is viewing. Leveraging these types of upsell opportunities is often fruitful; however, what can be an even more productive means of enhancing UX and sales is to personalize the customer experience.

To know more about customer engagement click here


Streamline Checkout Processes

The checkout process is a vital area to focus on when designing an outstanding user experience as this is where many would-be buyers fall off the purchase path. According to Baymard Institute’s cart abandonment survey, a full 60 percent of respondents claimed to ditch their basket because the site wanted them to create an account or a lengthy checkout process. This data says two things:

> Guest checkout should be an option

> The checkout process should be simplistic

To effectively reduce cart abandonment rates, retailers should aim to create a brief, seamless experience that minimizes the likelihood that a customer will become frustrated or re-think their purchase. Fortunately, Magento is a preeminent platform in this regard as the company has implemented a two-to-three click conversion process, from checkout to confirmation.

To create the quickest checkout possible, merchants should implement a guest checkout option, reduce form fields to an absolute minimum for what is needed to fulfill an order and limit the number of pages that a consumer will be pushed through.

By creating a fast, painless checkout process, retailers can provide consumers with a more pleasurable experience while simultaneously boosting sales.

Utilize Negative Space

Slews of E-Commerce stores think it wise to create intricate designs filled with eye-catching images, dynamic elements, bright colors, and other aspects that pull at a visitor’s attention. Add all these aspects up, and a page is little more than a cluttered, dizzying mess. Instead of trying to pack every square inch of a site with content and color, aim to strategically employ negative space to enhance the user experience, and guide the customer journey. Negative space helps users to digest a site’s content without overwhelming them comfortably. This simple element (or non-element) prevents a store from becoming too busy or cluttered and helps images pop off the screen and makes content more consumable. With Magento, merchants can craft an all-star user experience that blows away customers and the competition. To increase a site’s recognition, rankings, traffic and sales, a smooth yet memorable UX design is of prime importance. Implementing these UX design strategies on your Magento site will help to improve the quantity and quality of satisfied customers

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