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Cost of Outsourcing Website Design & Development Overseas

Price is a vague aspect when it comes to website design and development services. A very common question “what will be the cost of developing a website?” is actually very difficult to answer. So, instead of creating assumptions, let us test these hypotheses with the real-time data. The following research will help you to come to a well-grounded conclusion in terms of price and quality when you want to outsource website design and development work. This research is based on the implicit assumption – costing of IT service is proportional to its quality. Moreover, the calculations obtained from the research are applicable to varied regions and countries, regardless whether they are individual freelancers or corporate companies.

Continental Asia

Continental Asia incorporates countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, China, Sri Lanka and Nepal. Out of which, India is considered to have the largest IT market across the globe with a huge number of individual freelancers and corporate IT companies of all sizes. The reasons behind this exploring IT market in India are affordable development cost with desirable quality, technology experts of all levels and easy availability of IT professionals. The recommended costing of website design and development in Continental Asian countries especially in India is $31-$40/hour and $40 or more in China.

The Americas

Here, we have considered five countries for this region namely Canada, the USA, Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina. As per the market research, the moderate quality of website design and development in Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina costs $30 or more, whereas it will be $40 or more in Canada and United States of America. However, for the best quality output, the price is considered as $41-$50/hour in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico, and $51-$100/hour in the USA and Canada.


This continent includes five countries namely Egypt, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, and Morocco, which are involved in offering IT services. Customers can receive unbelievable and high-quality website designing and development services in Africa but are expensive than Eastern and Western Europe. The reason behind this is a low level of education, which makes it difficult to find a proficient developer in such countries. Thus, the price range here is $41-$50/hour in Egypt, Kenya, and Morocco, whereas, in Nigeria and South Africa, it is $50/hour or more.

The Middle East

Israel, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are included in the Middle East region. The pricing of IT services in UAE and Turkey is comparatively cheaper than Israel because the wealthy customers of UAE can easily afford expensive IT services of Western Europe and North American companies. Thus, they do not depend on the internal market. Hence, the price range in Turkey and UAE is recommended to be $41-$50/hour, and that in Israel is $51-$100/hour.

South-East Asia

This region includes countries like Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia. This region is not so popular for outsourcing IT services. However, the recommended cost of website design and development in Indonesia and Philippines is $40/hour, Singapore and Malaysia are $41-$50/hour, and in Australia, it reaches to $51-$100/hour.

While choosing an IT service provider to outsource your work, the price is not the only criteria to dwell with. There are much more things to consider depending on the project requirement, quality, domain expertise, duration, etc. Rigel Networks is one of the leading website design and development service provider company in India. Contact our technology experts at to get a cost effective solution for your business.

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