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August 4, 2016

Construction Companies Now Leveraging Cloud Technology For Improving Efficiency

In the recent years, cloud technology has found many takers. Plenty of construction companies have now started availing cloud computing technology services and are reaping benefits. Here, it is worthy to mention that construction companies have always been quite hesitant to embrace any new technology, but it is the advantage offered by the cloud technology that they are now shedding their inhibitions. Apart from an increased facility of doing work from anywhere, the technology is also enabling construction companies to protect their valuable data like never before on a secured cloud. In this respect, it would be interesting to explore how these companies are exactly leveraging cloud technology for improving their overall efficiency.

Collaboration of highest order

California-based Construction Company Webcor Builders has leveraged the power of cloud computing technology services and is climbing the leaders of success steadily. It is not that earlier there was no use of technology for achieving collaboration between different construction personnel. In fact, there were construction collaboration platforms but they were high in cost and thus, do not reach to the subcontractors. However, with an increased penetration of mobile phones due to its affordability, they are now able to access even streaming video from the site or 3-D models and much more via cloud technology. This results in quick decision making by them and collaboration of the highest order. In a project driven industry like construction, cloud technology is not just a buzzword, and there is a hope that soon other companies will also follow to experience a higher level of collaboration.

Reduction in IT infrastructure cost

Under cloud computing technology services, a large number of cloud-based applications are available to meet the needs of construction companies. This largely minimizes or eliminates the cost incurred in setting up an IT infrastructure within the same companies. This is true especially when a construction company has multiple offices in different locations, and a robust IT infrastructure becomes vital to keep a tab on the ongoing work of each office. For example, an Indian real estate developer True Value Homes is currently experiencing huge cost saving due to switching to the cloud services. The massive paperwork and cost in its IT infrastructure are now far lesser.
The economical services powered by the cloud technology are in short proving indispensable in improving the efficiency of several construction-based companies across the world.


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