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August 27, 2019

Consider Outsourcing Rigel Networks as Your Ultimate Software Development Partner

Irrespective of their size, small and giants enterprises outsource their technological requirements, with an expectation to optimize business processes and maximize revenue. In the global marketplace, it has become a known practice to use technology to achieve a competitive advantage. At some point, it becomes a real challenge to cherry-pick the right software solution for your business, as each of them has specific requirements.

In today’s era, diverse industries are heavily relying on software applications for expansion, successful operation, and increasing profitability. But to manage software development work in-house is often found challenging as enterprises have to focus on their sales, marketing, and services. Given a fact, we have to agree that software outsourcing is cost-effective and quicken the time-to-market. Often, they look out for an end to end IT service provider who offers a very standard set of services. Moreover, each passing year has seen exceptional growth in IT outsourcing service providers, with their unique plans and offerings when it comes to project management. Consequently, having such diverse and endless options becomes much more essential for a business to choose the right outsourcing partner in the USA.

Usually, outsourcing depends on the requirement, nature of the business, and most of all, differ from company to firm. There can be two scenarios – if you are a start-up, looking for a reliable IT system that allows you to control entire business operations in a cost-effective method, then outsourcing should be in the initial business phase. Therefore, stay updated with the latest technology at the time of your start. The other situation could be having a project to deliver in a limited period, but due to lack of workforce, expertise, and training cost, you can outsource it to specialized IT firms.

The types of IT Outsourcing is classified into two verticals – Technical and Business Service Outsourcing, where both have its specialties.

Business Service Outsourcing:

CRM Development, Cyber Security services, Data Analytics, Asset Management system, BPO Services, Accounts or HR software, and more.

Technical Service Outsourcing:

Ecommerce Solutions, Software Development, Applications Development, Telecom Solutions, Web Development, and more.

Apart from this, there are other types of IT outsourcing, offering multiple businesses options when considering to outsource few or probably all IT functions.

Offshore Outsourcing

A strategic practice in which a business hires a third party supplier to perform work in a nation other than the one in which the hiring business primarily conducts its operations.

Onshore Outsourcing

Acquiring services from someone outside a company but within the same country. For instance, an onshore supplier or service provider is easy to meet with, but traveling halfway around the world will be expensive, both in travel costs and lost time.

Hence, to outsource web application development or mobile application development projects, the best option is to cherry-pick the right software development partner in the USA and continue focusing on core business activities.

Why is Rigel Networks your best outsourcing partner?

Over the decades, we have delivered innovative technology-based IT services and solutions using our hybrid model of executing projects to our global clients for diverse industries to meet their dynamic business requirements. From catering IT Services, Staffing, VoIP, and Blockchain, Rigel Networks along with its highly skilled employees, has built creative and user-friendly applications for its customers to increase their business by prompt delivery and quality, developing an honest long term relationship by strategic alliance and transparency.

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