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The Conflux of Laravel and WordPress Can Ensue Immense Value for Enterprises

Laravel can give a new dimension to your website. This PHP-based, open-source MVC framework facilitates building simple, yet robust websites and web applications. The popularity of Laravel has shot up in a very short time span. The credit for this goes to its simple, elegant syntax which enables quick application development with exceptional features.

WordPress is one of the most popular and user-friendly PHP-based CMS having the most flexible and versatile architecture. With features, templates, and easy customization facilities, WordPress facilitates building clean and robust websites and web applications.

Laravel with WordPress makes a powerful combination that can be leveraged by a professional Laravel web development company to facilitate developing robust web solutions. Let us throw some light on the benefits that the confluence of Laravel and WordPress ensures.

Laravel is loaded with efficacious capabilities and features that blend well with browsers and search engines to offer comprehensive views. When WordPress is put together with Laravel, you get the perfect usability and customization capabilities. The templates of Laravel framework are designed with web page layout with sections.

Laravel is used in the frontend with WordPress in the backend. WordPress’ database fetches data and supports Laravel plugins. Displaying the stored data from the backend of WordPress is easier when these plugins amalgamate with Laravel in the frontend. With data stored in multiple custom MySQL tables, you can take the advantage of Laravel’s database migrations and seed features. Using Laravel’s MVC and powerful ORM, you can build admin pages that take the advantages of WordPress posts, medias, menus, and the entire content management system.

With Laravel 5, you have an advanced feature called the Form Request. It serves as the base for processing and validating form data for creating simple contact forms with functional fields. This feature calls the validate method automatically that generates the contact form with mandatory fields whenever form requests are made.

To simplify the tasks that need to be scheduled, Laravel possesses another feature called the Artisan scheduler. To use this feature, a user must set up one cron job that calls the code, php artisan schedule: run. This calls and runs the code every minute. Your tasks would be scheduled once your cron is set up. This is an efficient method that saves your day by not letting you remember the cron scheduling. This, however, is not possible with only WordPress. When Laravel framework accompanies WordPress, this feature can be utilized effectively.

Summing it Up:

Laravel application within the WordPress site sounds interesting, and it indeed is. Integrating Laravel into WordPress is nothing but using the WordPress functions within your Laravel application. Whether you call it an icing on the cake or getting the best of both worlds, enterprises can reap tremendous benefits by using Laravel in conjunction with WordPress.

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