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May 21, 2018

Cloud Computing – The Next Revolution in the IT World

Over the years technology has developed and as time passes by it continues to be technologically advanced. Cloud Computing is one such technology that is taking over the world in 2018. With the end of the preceding year – 2017, IT executives and industry are looking forward to accomplishing their 2018 business objectives by using Cloud Computing technology. According to Gartner, Inc. over the next few years, it will be essential to overlook market opportunities or prevent grievous mistakes by continual monitoring of cloud computing trends, with regular updates to the enterprise’s cloud strategy.

It has become crucial for most of the decision makers and business owners to adopt cloud services to their business plans and keep themselves updated, as the market of cloud computing services providers – SAAS, IAAS, and PAAS is growing at a pace. Let’s have a look at the six emerging trends in Cloud Computing to sentinel for in 2018, which will help in understanding the cloud in a better way.

Expansion of Cloud Storage Capacity

As more and more businesses are moving into the cloud computing movement, the growth of data storage should exponentially increase correspondingly. In 2018, the data is expected to grow to 600 ZB from the total amount of the current data stored in data centers, which is around 370 EB, according to the CISCO Survey Report. This expected data is almost twofold the space available in 2017.

With more data centers and larger-capacity storage, the cloud service providers are trying to increase their capacity. The cost of the room is likely to get economical with number cloud players entering the market and are trying to get a more significant share in the industry. As a result, this will, in turn, result in better ROI with competitive cloud pricing. Also, it will benefit the businesses in a long run as they will be saving the massive infrastructure setup costs.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

A computing environment which mixes a private cloud and public cloud by consenting data and applications to be shared between them is known as a hybrid cloud. Most of the industries prefer Hybrid Cloud Solutions rather than moving only to a private cloud. This is because they feel assured about their data security. Therefore, they can partially keep their critical data with them and shift the rest of the cloud. This will, in turn, lead to the opening up of API on their platforms by cloud providers.

Moreover, this hybrid cloud solution comprises cloud to on-premise connectivity. This is where enterprises attach to the cloud with heavy customization and keep their on-premise solution that perfectly fits the needs of their business.

Cloud Driving Internet of Thing (IoT)

In the last few years, the world has undergone a rapid transformation as far as business transaction and communication considered. Looking into today’s generation, mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones have made their existence in the human life. These devices are primarily used to access the internet, purchase items, inquire about the businesses and much more. That’s when the Internet of Things came into action, rising above the use of mobile devices to accomplish ore tasks.

To let you know that Internet of Things and cloud computing go hand-in-hand and when it comes to IoT, cloud computing takes center stage. The main reason behind IoT becoming a reality is due to cloud platforms, as it allows remote access to devices such as household appliances, electronics to communicate together and transportation.

According to the research study done Gartner, by 2020 the number of IoT devices in the world is expected to be at least 20 billion. Do you know what does this mean? This means that the cloud is anticipated to have a much more significant role in the rise in the number of IoT-powered devices. In a little while, one would require cloud-based storage drive to save various files created across all your mobile devices.
As a result, in 2018 lots of actions are expected to see as these, and several other needs would result in the cloud driving IoT in innovative ways.

Cloud Security Challenges

Most of the business and people have faced the worst cyber-attacks from CIA Vault 7, WannaCry, to the Equifax data breach in the year 2017. The security for cloud computing in the coming years is expected to strengthen significantly. In order to combat the same and prevent their cloud assets from getting compromised, businesses should pay more attention towards the security of the cloud. Also, analysts feel the need to invest in commercial solution and open source.

However, tools such as malware detection systems and security information and event management (SIEM) invested by most of the businesses. Moreover, cloud Security will remain one of the major concerns for cloud providers coming up with robust security options which can provide to their clients.

With the help of new technologies and strategies, use of cloud in 2018 will become more strategic. Also, due to its automation and higher performance provided by cloud computing, it is expected that adoption of top services and technologies will increase.

Rigel Networks is the one-stop destination for the cloud solution to elevate business agility. They help in building customized cloud solutions by analyzing business needs, technical aspects, and security assessments. Moreover, their cloud strategy and road map helps their clients ensure increased collaboration, document control, security, and competitiveness.

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